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Thread: Rental Stores....

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    Default Rental Stores....

    Why do rental stores get like 50 copies of FPS games but refuse to even get one copy of a rpg.

    See, mainly I only like rpgs...but being broke best I can afford one game rental a week...and I really want to play Tales of Vesperia but I've looked in all the rental stores near me and no one. has it for rent..u.u

    So basically I dont know what to do ...I stay at home most of the weeked cause I have no work, and nothing to do around here cause I live in the mtns so I need a game so I dont get bored to death...any ideas would help.

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    Rental stores do that because its mainly what people play these days? I'm not sure, I basically only rent racing games.

    how good is your computer? There has to be some free RPG's out for PC

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    My Lappy is good but I live on a mtn so we only have dial up.

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    Well, call them and register your complaint . They don't care what games they have, as long as people want to rent them. If they have a lot of copies of FPS games, it means that they think that's what people want.

    I sort of feel the same way about buying a computer. You can't find a computer in a walk-in store that doesn't come with either some version of Windows or Mac OS on it. I find that really annoying, but stores see that's what people want .

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    I haven't rented a game from a store in years...They never have the one you want D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    then how do you play the games you want?

    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Buy them.

    For Christmas though, I'll get a subscription to Gamefly

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapcrotch View Post
    Is Gamefly download, or media based, like netflix?
    Netflix style

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