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    Over the weekend, i was sleeping in one morning, though i didnt plan it i sure was thankful for the extra sleep. However, i had woken up and realized my diaper was full, nearly leaking so i took it off and threw it in the trash, put my cotton house shorts on with no new diaper underneath. Since i was home what did it matter if i leaked anything, the fresh air could do some good. After feeding my dog and putting dishes in the dishwasher, i laid back down for a few minutes, was the plan anyhow. Then i woke up a few hours later, the day half way gone and my bed was soaked. What woke me up was pain in my gut, so you can imagine what happened next, at least i made it to the bathroom without losing all of that.

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    I guess the question here is "Did you learn anything?" Being IC is a pain but you soon learn there are no shortcuts. Believe me this is experience talking.

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    I have had more than one occasion where I neglected to put my diaper on and fell asleep and woke up in a wet bed.

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    I almost wet the bed a few week ago...thank god I woke up after my ex smacked me in the face as he moved and that woke me up :I

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    I have gone to bed without wearing a diaper a couple of times in the past. I don't like changing wet bed sheets. Its a mess and take more time to wash and dry the sheets. Then I have to make the bed again. Now I have diaper on every time before I go to sleep or take a nap.

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