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Thread: Most reliable/absorbent reusable night diaper?

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    Default Most reliable/absorbent reusable night diaper?

    I looked around on the site for a little while and couldn't really find a ton of info on non-disposables which would be good for heavier evening use especially for a side sleeper.

    Preferably also something that doesn't require shipping from Questionable Company X in Tasmania.

    Any info appreciated. :)

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    Cloth Diapers for Adults

    I'd go with the twill prefolds. After 5 washes on hot/cold they start being useful for overnight. Two is almost always needed at night so I will place one folded length wise down the middle and use an angel fold on the outer. I found the most snug fit are two jumbo 3 inch pins, two boingos around the legs once you roll them in to reduce slack, and a snappi with light pressure on the hips and stretched down the middle. This ensures it will never move anywhere after wet, thus no sag.

    Stay away from baby-pants' pins though, ultra dull. I got mine from Protex Medical : Online Store and they're the highest quality out there from my experience. The head's built into the pin so it won't come off, the pin's the sharpest I've felt, and it will never rust unlike most out there. You get what you pay for, though a pair or two is all you'll need. If they're too much get the nickle coated jumbo ones from Jumbo Diaper Pins - Set of 4, though keep in mind if you start seeing brown spots near the edges of your diaper that's from the coating coming off from rust.

    Oh, and stay away from adultclothdiaper's diapers. They use a vintage style that has more length and less width compared to baby-pants' style babies use today that makes it more square. All cloth shrinks after washing, so if you're in-between sizes go up in one. Protectexmedical has a very good guide on picking your width and length as well, so check that out too to be sure you are getting the right one.

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    Because of my handicaps I use Dependeco AIO cloth diapers. all in one adult baby cloth diapers I wear them mainly for overnight with a soaker pad. The four Velcro tabs will hold the diaper in
    place with little problems. The diaper is easy to launder and dry and since has a PUL liner it can be dried in a dryer on med heat. I'm a side sleeper and have had no problems with leaks.
    With those diapers the outer cover will get damp so you will need plastic pants or a PUL diaper cover. I don't recommend AIO diapers with PVC covers. They can't be dried in a dryer as the heat will
    destroy the PVC cover. As Krone6 said the Dependeco's also require about 6 washings to get full absorbency.

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    changingtimesdiaperco also offers a very good twill pre fold diaper.

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    I disagree with one of the above posters saying doesn't have good products. I've used them for years and they have held up fine, are made in the USA and Are very good.

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    Super undies are far and away the BEST overnight diapers if you have 30 inch waist or less go to cloth diaper outlet. Com if you are 30-38 go to

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