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Thread: Considering telling my mom more

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    Default Considering telling my mom more

    So bit of background story, years ago I told my mom about my DL side (back when it first started) and since then we've had small discussions every couple of years. But I've never told her about my AB side and I'm considering telling her more...for the sole reason of I think she deserves to know.

    She would always ask me about it, want to know more. But I never could, it's just so personal. So what I thought might help is if I could give her some information, a webpage or video or whatever about AB stuff to educate her. Then after she knows like the general view of it I might be more willing to open up.

    But I have no idea what to send her, if I do send her something. I don't want it to be like too shocking. So I guess I have a bunch of questions:

    1) Does this sound like a good plan?

    2) Do you have any idea of what I could send her?

    3) If you don't think this is a good plan, what should I do? Forget about? Do it in person or don't do it at all? or what.

    Thanks in advance for all the replies.

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    sound like she is fine with your life style with this and wants to learn more so she can support you better. Whish I could say that about mine tried telling them when the found out and they think its the worst thing ever, but any way it sounds like a good idea to me. Also hear a good website to send her to. Understanding Infantilism

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    Well, first, do you consider your ABDL side to be sexual or non?
    If sexual, would you be comfortable talking with your mom about your sex life? Would she be comfortable hearing about it? I can only tell you about my experience in this area and I would never talk to my parents about a sexual fetish. It just wouldn't be comfortable to either party.

    If non-sexual, and she knows about your DL side already and is asking for more information from you, here are some links to additional information.

    AB Information
    Understanding Infantilism
    Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers Explained - YouTube

    Also, if you are going to have a discussion, I think in person is the way to go. The final decision is, of course, yours. Whatever you decide, good luck and I wish you well.

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    I've told her about being a DL (when I younger I was scared and I told her) she doesn't know anything about AB (non-sexual) side of it.

    Thanks for the links i'll check them out

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    My feeling is that she already knows you like wearing diapers. If she wanted to know more, she would have gone to the internet to find out. Almost everyone finds a variety of things on the internet. I don't see what there is to gain telling her that you like to feel like a baby when you're wearing a diaper, etc. Most of us, when living home with parents, would have been delighted if we could have worn diapers at home without parental judgement.

    When my mom found my stuff, she sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility. I think you have made out very well so far. You know what they say; let sleeping dogs lie.

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    Actually you might take a look at this post from another thread and YOU deecide if you think the documentary discussed treats ab's fairly, and portrays them in a way that reflects how you fit in. I notice that the show makes no mention of gay ab's or the fact that there are many strictly dl recreational diaper wearers - or the babyfurs.

    [QUOTE=ICkaraokegirl;1084971]Part One: The 15-Stone Babies part 1 - YouTube
    Part Two: The 15-Stone Babies part 2 - YouTube
    Part Three: The 15-Stone Babies part 3 - YouTube
    Part Four: The 15-Stone Babies part 4 - YouTube

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    @dogboy She never researched it much because she didn't want to read up on stuff that is false or too extreme. It's easy to get overloaded with information by doing an internet search.

    There is nothing to gain. As I've said, the reason is just because I think she deserves to know, after helping me threw it when I was younger and such. I think she deserves to know exactly what it is now that I myself know exactly what it is.

    I realize a lot of people's parents are not supportive about this, and that sucks. But, at the risk of sounding selfish, this is about my situation.

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    Now you said

    I'm considering telling her more...for the sole reason of I think she deserves to know.
    and I think it's worth asking - why? You might ask yourself why you feel such a deeply personal topic concerns her?

    What do you aim to accomplish by telling her? To ensure she doesn't blame herself for your being ab - mistakenly thinking it could be brought on by bad parenting? Letting her realize you are not mentally ill?

    It does strike me that it's very possible your urge to spill the beans and to feel you have to explain yourself may not be a healthy choic and this in itself may be an issue for consideration.

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    My reason is pretty much this "..after helping me threw it when I was younger and such. I think she deserves to know exactly what it is now that I myself know exactly what it is." When I was younger she helped me deal with this, talking about it, letting me try putting on a diaper, going to a therapist...etc I feel like she deserves to know. But maybe I'm wrong.

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    apologies if my last post seemed negative at all. I gather she's a key person in your support circle. Um... I have to wonder where your dad fits in all this? Also, your profile lists you as bi: did you come out yet to either of your parents? How did they take it? Do you planto present being ab as anything to do with that, or is it to your mind unrelated? If I am asking stuff that is too personal to answer I will take no offense if you want to state "no comment."

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