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Thread: How to tell your parents (I Did!)

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    Default How to tell your parents (I Did!)

    So I found this article on line about how being a ABDL relates to autism. It worked in my favour due to my diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD. This is the original version:

    I revised it and cut out some stuff regarding AB's because i am only a DL.

    I approached my parents with this article (printed off) they read it and decided that they wanted a professional opinion. We made an appointment with the family doctor later that week. My mother gave the papers to the doc and she skimmed it and decided to get back to us on in a week.

    She read the whole thing and said that there was nothing wrong with it and she told my parents that it was harmless (like I said). So my parents both decided that it was ok to wear in the house just not to flaunt them. I have told them that they probably will know when I am wearing and that accepted it.

    So here I am three weeks later got my delivery of ATN and slimline tranquility's, Abena's and molicares all from just last week. My parents were home when they were delivered so they know and they have heard them and have mentioned them hearing them, but who cares! The only thing they are not fond about is me urinating in them because they thinks its lazy but thats all. I plan on moving out next summer anyways so at least i can spend my money on diapers and other desires instead of a house and bills! So I am going to use this next year and use it to my advantage!

    If you have any questions just ask away and I will be glad to help out!

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    That was a very interesting article, especially since I have Aspergers and ADHD...and am a Diaper lover.

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    I believe you were successful in persuading your parents because you did your homework. You collected information and even edited it to fit your specific needs, that which defined you. In so doing, your therapist had a much better understanding, thus transferring that to your parents. This is what I've suggested to other members when they've stated that they want to tell parents or a SO. Well done.

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    I'd like to tell my parents at some point, particularly because I am in College now. However, whenever I come home from school, I would have to deal with them knowing. I have neither ADHD nor the other one, so I don't have a medical excuse. This makes it more difficult. I could research and print out articles explaining AB/DL in general to show them. However, my mom can't keep her mouth shut. If I told her, everyone she knows will know within weeks.

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    How i wish i could tell my parents, but knowing my troubles in life, i doubt they are clueless. At least that thought comforts me

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    I know that the outcome would be different for everyone i just thought I share how I did it. Honestly if you have enough confidence i cant see your parents hating you most GOOD parents will always love there children no matter what its jut like what my mom said when i told her, " I just want you to be normal I fear for you every mother wants there child to grow up as a normal kid". I can see what she means and i said "This is what I want and I am prepared for the public view." And she said "what ever makes you happy!"

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    My family doctor does not know that I wet them, my parents know but are not fond of it.

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    My Parents does not know that i do this. They probably would kill me for this. -.- i never said anyone that im an DL.... Do you have friends knowing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by V0g3l View Post
    My Parents does not know that i do this. They probably would kill me for this. -.- i never said anyone that im an DL.... Do you have friends knowing it?
    Yes, I have 3 friends that know. 1 that pokes fun, 1 that cares less and 1 that does not even care if i wear them around him or at his house!

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    It goes deeper than just a "fetish". I have an official diagnosis, and I will say that a tighter garment will give more positive "tactile feedback" so I can function better. Not every garment will work, I've tried some that were absolute failures at maintaining my physical comfort. But, I did manage to find a few gems after doing considerable research. When on the autism spectrum, you don't have to be an "ABDL" or incontinent to need them. A doc will write up a prescription if they feel that that any ability to concentrate on tasks is compromised without them. For many of us, they are simply a form of pressure garment that helps maintain good focus, and a well-balance central nervous system.

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