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Thread: Deciding on clothing to cover it up

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    Default Deciding on clothing to cover it up

    I would like to go 24/7 in diapers but I don't want people to know that I have them or have one on. Today I took the plunge in having one on and walked to a gas station and then to the dollar store. I don't drive yet due to being scared of driving since I was 16.

    I was so nervous but no one said anything to me and I think I was more aware then most but i tried to walk as normal as possible. My plan is to get use to being in them outside my apartment and then when I know I am comfortable with them I will start wetting them and work around a diet that is 6 small meals a day so that I don't have to mess so often.

    How do you hide a diaper under clothing? What is the best choice for cloths to help cover it up.

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    My first choice is to wear a onesie to support your diaper and if your shirt rides up it will cover your diaper as well. I next thing is a pair of plastic pants if your concerned about leaks.
    That in conjunction with a onesie will just about cover your needs when out in public. I myself wear that combination a lot as I'm out and about. When indoors in your house you do
    just about anything you want to do. I would recommend that your onesies you choose to wear in public be a solid white or possibly a blue. They look a lot like normal tee shirt with a
    crew neck collar. Save the babyish ones for when your in the house and little time.

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    I do wear 24/7 for need. A onsie or body suit, that snap in the crotch is the best way. I don't use them but have a few problems with the top of my diaper being exposed if I bend over. I wear longer shirts to prevent that. I have been wearing diapers at night since I was 19. In my 30's I needed to start wear during the day. Talked myself out o daytime wearing many times because of ignorant people reactions. Happy to say that I could care less what people think now I need them so I wear them. I only have one BM a day and I find it easier if I am standing up. I do use my diapers for both.

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    I wear 24-7 and I rarely use a onesie. I always buy pants and shorts a size or two bigger than my actual waist size (I've always liked loose clothes in general). Certain kinds are best: darker pants, cargo pants and pants with a longer crotch/inseam. Really you should go shopping with your "normal" diaper on and try on various pants or shorts.

    The truth is I wear thick cloth diapers to work everyday. They may be noticeable to someone who stares at my crotch, but really no one ever does this. The truth is nobody cares what you are wearing under your clothes. If you are paranoid about bulky diapers, work slowly up to them over time. Eventually a bulky diaper will be your normal.

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    I'll say again a onesie is great...I own about a dozen of them...mostly white but a few colors...

    Maybe a baggier pair of pants...

    No one will most likely ever notice...


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