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    So yesterday I tried using pads instead of diapers, and it worked out okay. No leaks, and it absorbed fairly quickly. Now, they were nowhere near as comfortable as diapers, so if you want extra padding, just wear 2

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    Lol nice username

    But I used a Tena Maxi Pad with a Moderate Poise

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    When I use pads I use the Poise Hourglass Ultimates. They fit me a lot better thru the crotch than the regular pad. When I use them I haven't had a leak problem.
    I normally use mine for Dr visits.

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    I often use larger pads of variable brands. Currently I'm using Tena Comfort: Normal whilst at work or at home in the daytime, Maxi if I go out for an extended time. I generally don't double them up or use inserts.

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