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Thread: I am a "Brony"...Anybody else here a "Brony"?

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    Default I am a "Brony"...Anybody else here a "Brony"?

    I understand, that I may be sticking my neck out, but as an older disabled Adult Baby, "I am a Brony"...

    I truly love "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic", and at times, I wish that "Equestria Land" where all the "My Little Pony Friends" was "real" and not "make-believe".

    I wish I were a "pony" too...

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    I'm not a brony, but I have lots of friends who are, and I love the MLP too. ^^

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    Been a few months since this topic came up, so we were due I guess ;p

    Short story, lots of mlp fans here, myself included. While I do enjoy the show itself, I think I've (d)evolved into a fan of the fandom. The amount of content put out by the fan base in a week is insane. Even if mlp died tomorrow, there's enough material already out there to keep a person occupied for years.

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    I am more of a my little pony fan than a brony. I love more than the G4. I love all the generations including the 1980's classic with Hida and her two daughters. I sleep with a G3 jumbo pinkie pie and have been for at least 4 years. Everyone I know knows I have a special place in my heart for ponies and some of them know I like children's cartoons other than my little pony. I have a lot of pony dolls and figurines that are all over my apartment. I plan on getting a my little pony bed spread.

    My lunch box is MLP and I have clothing that is also my little pony. My jumbo Pinkie pie is my favorite in my collection because of the comfort she brings me. I love her so much. If I could bring her to work with me I would for stress relief and if I ever needed to get away and go into my world with her I could. I came close to breaking down at work but that mostly was because of my doctor switching my meds.

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    For an Autistic developmentally disabled person, "My Little pony, Friendship is Magic" illustrates "social" situations, and how the different pony characters "react to" and "negotiate" the "social world", which I myself have an extreme amount of difficulty with, even at my age of 55.

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    I'm a brony! I'm 27 years old and just started watching the show last year and I gotta say the show is soo awesome and I look forward to the new season in November.
    My ponysona is a blue pegasus with light blue green mane and his cutie mark is a cloud with a moon in the middle which represents his love of the night sky.

    I love the fandom, the music and the people. The art ert... Its amaaaazzing

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    I LOVE IT SOO MUCH, btw i didn't want to see it at first, but my daddy (who is only online at the time) kept telling me to watch it, soo i strated with a random epsiode, wich was the wanderbolt acadmy, and even thats its not such a great episode it had me hooked by my hoofs, i saw all the episodes and tje EG movie, im spreading this joy in israel for everypony to know btw

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    Thats a cool story babyyoni. I never liked the idea of forcing anyone to like my little pony but I do ask people to watch a few epesodes before they flat out call me weird or rude names. I get nervouse with people and sometimes I may not take it too well. I have been really lucky that I have not done anything I regret yet. I still have my job and I even have people who admire the fact that I am open about my fandom. There are people I work with who I heard are Brony's but I am not sure if I want to go up to them and ask about it because I am not so sure they are as open about it as I am. Although now that I think about it I may change that and may just find a way to ask them without putting them in the open.

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    Applejack is my personal favorite pony. :3

    I'd consider myself a brony, even if its not my favorite fandom. <3

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    I absolutely love Friendship is Magic. The other iterations of My Little Pony are good too, but I think Friendship is Magic is amazing. I love wearing my Pony shirts. They always generate attention. :-)

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