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Thread: What if?

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    Default What if?

    Hypothetically speaking, what if someone came up to you and asked you about giving/buying you diapers, asked about the ABDL lifestyle (assuming they didn't know), or asked about either babying you or becoming an ABDL? How would you react, and how would you approach it?

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    I don't think anyone is that open about it

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    A more possible scenario would be someone walking up to you and asking if you could buy they adult diapers, because they're ashamed

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    I have been in this situation before. I basically discuss these types of things as I would discuss the weather. It can be a little akward at first though.

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    "Do I know you?" and walk away. If I'm not sharing this with my family no way am I sharing it with some random person who asks me out of the blue about it.

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    If that person didn't seem like a danger or something, I think I'd probably assume they were an ABDL themselves and lost and confused or feeling badly. So I hope my instinct to nurture would go above my usual amount of embarrassment and shyness. As in - try to help the person struggling, even if it's a struggle for me.

    But how would they know I'm one? That part would bother me. Are they stalking me, or something? If there was some way, hypothetically speaking, where it would be plausible they'd know I'm an ABDL without having stalked me, I hope I'd be caring and helpful and could answer questions/problems the best of my ability. But I'd be burning bright red the entire time, and stammering profusely, I'm sure of it.

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    In the highly unlikely event that they knew about me, and we were to meet...and they weren't stalking me...

    Sure, I'd try to help explain what I can and help out in any way...

    Not that this area is any different to me than any other area...I try to help out as I can in any area...

    I tend to give more than take...I will usually go out of my way to help in most any situation...

    That's just my modus operandi


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    I posed the question as a hypothetic question, and what's not to say they just took a random guess asking I you were an ABDL?

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    Pepper spray the bastard. That's creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciTime View Post
    Pepper spray the bastard. That's creepy.

    I don't know if second degree assault is needed

    But, I get what the op was going for...

    Correct me if I'm wrong...

    But, if a non creepy guy knew you were ab from say the ab logo on a keychain or something...said hi I need some help...etc...

    Would you just go and help, or be hesitant...

    Now, me...I'd probably help out the guy if I could...I'm actually a very giving person at heart...I usually don't show it much though...

    Or something like that...

    And hey, too many damn people have pepper spray...start carrying a gun like the rest of us!


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