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Thread: First Time!

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    Smile First Time!

    Hi there,

    so im thinking that soon im going to pluck up the courage and buy my first set of nappies/diapers!

    however im unsure on what to get! i dont really want to order anything offline due to still living at home and being scared that my parents will open it!

    im debating buying some drynites from the supermarket but didnt know if they would be absorbent enough and not leak?

    any advice guys?!?!

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    You have multiple options depending on if you drive, how much money you have and how far from home your willing to shop.

    1. If you can/do drive, call nearby medical supply shops and ask if they sell better adult diapers then depends brand. Some might be willing to special order you something like Abena or Molicares.

    2. if you don't drive you can go to a place like wal-mart, walgreens, rite-aid or target but there selection will be less.

    It really all depends on if you can drive to a location as well as how much money you have to spend. Drynites and stuff are pretty much akin to toilet paper I think.

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    yeah i don't drive otherwise that option would be perfect!
    i'm also from the UK, where the selection of adult brands are much less!
    might have to just get drynites for now, its a start! haha!

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    What size waist are you? drynites are pretty good, they're all I wear. I tried underjams once but they tore away easily where drynites stay in one piece all night. You should buy those first just to try then explore other options if you don't like them

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    Boots sell Attends Slips 8 (which are just rebranded as Boots Staydry). They should be easy to get -- you can find them in most large Boots shops.

    But, even better, Tena Maxi Slips are available from a few chemists -- although most would probably order them in for you (if you're brave enough to ask!). Anyway, they're worth keeping an eye out for.

    TENA Slip Maxi

    I don't think you'll find anything else unless you go to a specialised disability shop -- and they'll probably only have fake-cloth-backed ones! Boo!

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    hi everyone thank you for your replies!

    Kaiden I'm about a size 12 uk size so I think that's like a 29 inch waist so still not sure what they are like for size?

    and tiny thank you so much looks like you have done a lot of research! may give the boots ones ago as I don't think I have the courage to ask for the tena ones haha!

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    I'm around a 28 inch and buy the 8-15 drynites and they fit fine with plenty of stretch left, not sure what size KC think 15 year olds are. I can also fit in the 4-7 ones, they are a bit tighter to get on but seem to hold quite a bit. I've had the large ones leak a few times when laying down but I think they might be too big as the leak guards are a bit loose where the medium ones are tight. Might just need to pull the large ones up more :P

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    ah I'm hoping I'll pluck up the courage and grab a pack tomorrow!!!
    do you find that they leak a lot or it was just those few times that you laid down? also do you find them comfy? (do they feel like a nappy?)

    sorry for all the questions haha!

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    Ahh you just missed the Tesco buy 2 for 8 deal, it finished yesterday. Asda has a 2 for 9 on just now. The first time is always the worst, my heart was racing the first time I bought them. The first time I decided to go to Asda because their baskets are sort of enclosed where as tescos are just wire so are see through, I put the basket up against the shelf loaded in 2 packs and went to the self service scanner. Now I don't even bother with the basket, I just lift them and walk to the self service (still wouldn't go to a normal kiosk). The packaging is less obvious now and on one side there is no mention of what they are so you can just face that side forwards if you think people are looking (they won't be but in your mind you'll think they are).

    They hardly ever leak, just when I'm really filling it up while laying down, sometimes a dribble comes out the side where the leak guard isn't tight. Yeah they are comfy, def feel like a nappy and the latest design I think even more so as they are noisier. The crinkly nappy sound is nice

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    oh no! I'm buying them in sainsburys as it's nearer to me, so the deals aren't too much of an issue!

    yeah my plan was to run in, grab a pack and go to the self service. oh gosh I'm so nervous I just hope I don't chicken out of doing it!

    they just pull up like pull ups don't they? and ah that's good to here, think I could get away with putting a couple of liners in to make a bit thicker/absorbant?

    glad to hear they feel like nappies, would have been dissapointed if they didn't haha!

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