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Thread: Nosy Mother - Could Lead to Big Trouble

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    Exclamation Nosy Mother - Could Lead to Big Trouble

    Over the past few months my mom has become nosy about my internet usage. My usual default answer if she asks me what I'm doing is ''pony stuff'' (referring to My Little Pony). But today she took it to a new level and took my tablet out of my hands to see what I was doing. Luckily I had closed the browser (which was on this site) so all she saw was my main screen. Apparently she has no understanding that as I am an adult what she is doing is highly inappropriate. Yet I don't know how to tell her that without sounding suspicious. The only partial solution I've found is going online in my room (using the excuse ''so the dog doesn't bother me''), or taking my tablet in the bathroom. Obviously another experience like this could easily blow my cover as an ab/ dl.

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    I'm sorry that you got that kind of little private space right now =/.

    Anyway, what's the reason that your mother acts this way? I mean, I guess that no one would be that "harsh" without trying to find "something special", so the reason why she's taking your tablet right out of your hands.

    Besides the fact that you sound like she has always been a kinda overprotective and controlling. But she raised that bar... my bet is that she is suspecting something, though it may be abstract as hell in some way...

    If I we're you, I'd simply try talking to her at first. Trying to find the reason why she's not seeing you as an "equal - mature adult being" and why she's now behaving even more strange, or rather unappropriate - but in a soft way, so perhaps talking around it a little.

    Perhaps she'll mention something... and than you can think about how you wanna handle this topic - her reason for doing this.

    Ultimatly, if you're getting nowhere with anything you might try, you can still rumble on right your right to have some privacy, especially if she's going to take your stuff without asking, besides prying around in this too.
    But I wouldn't advice that, only if it's annoying you as hell and if you're getting nothing out of her why she's (still) doing it.

    I'd try to get her talking at least somehow =). But in the end you know how to handle your mother best. Sooo how did you handle this in the past, did something already work to some point? Perhaps even doing the same... it's funny to see how allergic some people react to their own behaviour, as a side note.

    Best wishes anyway!

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    Yes, she has always been overprotective. She knows that I'm on another, non-ab/DL site and has a general idea that I'm talking to other people there, and I think she wants to know who and what I'm talking about. My mother is an antisocial person with no real friends. I have no real friends either but it's because I was homeschooled and have pretty much always been at her side. If I act like I'm trying
    to hide something, she's going to pick up on it.

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    To be honest with you - I'd say Invite your mother to counselling TOGETHER with a therapist (family therapist).

    The dynamic that the two of you must have developed does not sound healthy.
    A Mother who disrespects the basic need for some privacy and also for the need to have your "own world" isn't acting "overprotective" - I'd say it's overly trying to possess your person.

    She probably is utterly afraid of "loosing" you - as from what you write, you seem to be her main social interaction... which isn't good. (neither for her not for yourself).

    Now you can either try to openly and calmly talk about these issues with her on your own, and tell her that you need some "personal space" and less "scrutiny" over your actions, that you need her to accept that you're an adult and should be able to do private stuff without causing suspicion, or her going through your stuff etc.
    This is an important aspect in growing up - in being an adult: having personal space, self-authority, etc...
    If you can't do this talk on your own, or feel that it would not work - opt for the therapist
    Sometimes an impartial, professional third party can do "wonders" in such situations.

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    While a good advice in theory, telling Kimba's mom to come to family therapy might not be the best option for her. First, if she has money issues for necessities (ie Meds, and "other stuff") how is she going to afford a therapist? Second issue I see is therapy is useless UNLESS the person(s) seeking acknowledges that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. From what I gather I doubt that it's at that level yet. Third, and this is particular to this forum, is if she forces the issue and later her ab side does come out (be it willingly or not), the whole thing could backfire, in a big way. It could very well lead to a worsening of the situation because her mother would feel like "Oh so that's why you wanted me to get therapy, not because you wanted to have a better relationship but because you wanted to (insert blank here)..."

    We can conjecture all we want but ultimately the only person that knows the situation is the OP and someone we know very little about, her mom. So I can't tell either of them what to do, but personally I can't recommend therapy as the best option.


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