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Thread: Bambino vs. Dry 24/7

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    Default Bambino vs. Dry 24/7

    How do Bambino diapers compare with Dry 24/7 around performance? Do they hold as well? Do they absorb as rapidly? How about total capacity?

    Just in case 24/7's don't get to the market soon I'm investigating options. I'm familiar with Abena, they were my regular diaper before 24/7's became known to me, but how do Bambino compare with Abena's? Thanks for your help with this.

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    I don't know how Bambino's stack up against Dry24/7's. But I do know that Tena Slip Maxi's are a good choice. I used Tena's for the past two months and they did well for me. They are a little
    thinner, but do swell up good. They are a little more discreet to wear out in public for people who are concerned about thickness. The noise level to me wasn't that noticeable. At the present I'm
    using M4's till Gary gets his Dry24/7's in. I plan on staying with Gary at XP Medical because of his customer service and his quality products.

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    I've tried both, I'd say Dry 24/7 can hold more, but it's a close comparison. If you can't get Dry 24/7 or Abena X-Plus then Bambino is your best choice. (If your an AB and you want something that makes you look the part, then Bambino is for you) I'm just DL so I prefer the Dry 24/7 or Abenas.


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    One of the themes that's come out of our recent diaper reviews is that the practical capacity of high-end diapers isn't actually much different, because when worn, it isn't lack of capacity that really causes them to fail. They all start leaking around the legs at a similar point, suggesting that there's a similar range of water weight that causes leg guards to fail.

    Thus, I'd say asking about comparative capacity on premium diapers is the wrong question. Go with whichever fit and design you prefer.

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    The Bambino Bellisimo's are just about the same capacity as the Dry's used to be. The dry's deffinatly have more of a high rise to them though.

    THey are 2 of the best diapers on the market, so it comes down to personal preference. Do you want something babyish or something plain white.


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    If comparing the Dry 24/7's to the Bambino Bellisimo's, then I'd say it's pretty close. The Dry 24/7's (for me) felt a little thicker and held a bit more. The other Bambino diapers aren't as thick as their Bellisimo line, though still hold a bit.

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    I think the important attribute is the ability of a diaper to absorb, as a function of time. Flooding doesn't occur if the diaper absorbs rapidly, or at least as rapidly as the urine is produced. I prefer non-AB diapers and see that Bambino has one like that. I have 40 24/7's left, and plan to wear them only out of the house, when leaks are embarrassing, rather than merely messy. Projections aside, I'll believe there are more 24/7's when my order is fulfilled. Oh! Me of little faith!!

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    I think in real world performance, they're going to be really close. drys do hold more, but Bellisimo should still be not-full, even after wearing them alllll day. Seriously, I'm ready for a change before they leak. its like you need to hold 1 bucket of water, which do you need: a lake, or an ocean? Either is going to be way overkill.

    I think Dry24x7 absorb faster and pull it up further. but the leg openings aren't as good, so messy times can be messy. =>.>=

    Both are better than Abena, but Abena is pretty amazing. I use all 3 as overnighters, and

    The Bambinos do have a really thick landing zone for the tapes, so it's much harder to rip a tape when exercising.

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    Both diapers are my favorite! I used both the Bambino Bellissimo diapers and Dry 24/7 diapers for my overnights diapers and no leaks. In my opinion the Dry 24/7 is a little thicker and can hold a little more. But both diapers do absorb quickly and can hold a lot. I sleep on my back and both diapers are great for me. I wake up dry very morning and I don't have to deal with wet sheets.

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