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    For those of you who don't know, I haven't had my drivers license for over five years. Today I turned in the paperwork I had completed by my doctor a week ago. Within 20 minutes of the DMV Medical Review people being in the office I called to find out what the verdict was on the paperwork I just turned in.

    Well I can honestly say that after five years of fighting with doctors, parents, and other people in my life I can now say I will be a licensed driver once again in my life once I take the written and road tests.

    This has been quite a struggle for me as I had to prove myself to many people that I am responsible enough to drive. So now I have to save up for a new license and find someone who will allow me to use their vehicle so I can take the road test as I don't feel comfortable taking it in my roommates van. As it has many issues with the way it rides. I have to say thanks to those that knew this was an issue for me and stood by me with love and support. Thanks.


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    I have Epilepsy and had to give up driving because of that. Even thou it is under control with medication I still do not trust myself behind the wheel.

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    Sorry to hear Kennyrallen.. yeah the Doc finally said "He's been stable for over a year on his meds so he's good to drive"

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    Just as a safeguard you should look into getting a cat that can be trained to respond should an episode occur. Cats have an (as of yet not fully understood) ability to sense things like strokes, seizures, and other severe and disabling neurological episodes before they happen. My grandparents told me that one of their neighbors had a stroke and all his cats started sitting on the front porch in an unusual manner; prompting other neighbors to call 911. It been six months and he can finally speak again, but he has to live in a nursing home now.

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