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    Although I have been more-or-less DL for most of my life, my ab side just manifested itself about 7 months ago, after reading a My Little Pony fanfic on this theme. So I've been wondering, why so late? Why was this not triggered until my adulthood? After all, most AB's have had these feelings for a long time. (Although some may say I started showing signs at 15 when I started sucking my thumb and wanting a pacifier.) Looking back I suppose I did show signs, but I don't totally understand why I just now have such strong desires to be babied. My best guess is that it is a combination of wants and needs that have been in the back of my mind, combined with stress and the influence of being on this site.

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    Someone wise once said "You know what you know, and you don't know what you don't know." It probably never dawned on you until you read the story?


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    I would agree with the above: exposure and the desire to try something new was my reason, seeing I can have some fun being a little or baby. I was DL at first, but my exposure to AB came from the forum: you were right- it probably was, to an extent, the forum. I did associate diapers with babies, too. That was why I decided to buy a pacifier.

    Discovery, my friend. I kept away from MLP:FiM for fear it will be to girly or frilly for me. Not the case; Even Faust wanted the show to become family media. The old cliche of just trying something new may show you to something you like.

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    For me it was just a fetish at first too. But eventually the AB side starting coming in stronger and stronger and now I would say it's equal AB/DL. I think (at least for me) it was just DL at first because I was young and raging hormones all that jazz. But as I grew older I realize it goes deeper than that.

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    I'm more or less the same I've been DL since basically forever, but I never seriously considered being AB until two years ago (at age 19), which was around the time I first stumbled onto ADISC. Why? I'm not completely sure, but I'm glad I found out because I've done a lot of fun things and met many nice people since then ^^ Anyway, rest assured you're not the only one!

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    I know you don't want to hear this...but your still a teenager and are still figuring out who you are!

    I remember when I was 18-19 I actually got introduced into the whole ab thing from what in essence was my first "real" relationship...just out of high school...

    I moved out on my own before I was 18 and actually thought myself informed and worldly...THOUGHT!

    Well, long story, but, ended up living together and the whole ab thing was actually too much for me to was what broke us up...

    Now, after another 20 years, I'll say the same thing, I think I'm well informed and worldly but, there is still much to discover...

    You have many decades of exploration ahead of you...don't worry about if something fits a mould...thing usually don't fit the mould as a rule!

    You are now having ab feelings, explore them, and you may like them and go further down the rabbit hole or not...

    No one can or does know what's best for you other than you!

    Take your own path, it's all about the journey anyhow, relax and enjoy!

    At your age I've started and sold a business, traveled to many countries, started and quit college, and was making a bunch of cash...none of that was fulfilling...

    I was mr. Confident...and able to handle anything...when in fact that was just a face I put on to do what I was doing for fact I was very insecure and never got into another serious relationship for many years after the last fiasco...I just worked, traveled, explored other cultures...

    You'll find out later in life that what you thought you knew...wasn't even close...quite often not even the same game...

    So, bottom line...

    Don't give it a second thought about fitting a certain set of criteria for's impossible!

    Live, explore, and be true to yourself!


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    Having to wear diapers I think I became AB as my way of dealing with having to wear. As others of said you are still young. You have a long life ahead of you. Finding what makes you comfortable in life is all up to you.

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