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    Cool hello

    if you need a name use Yoni, never Joni, lets see, im a Famenist, Animel suprimest (:P) I an a jew who don't belive in god (there is such thing) allways follows logic, very pro israeli, in fact im a stuent in ariel university right now, wait , it ended, jk, still there, sometimes i act a bit pinkie pieish, but that later, as what im up to? no good, yha im up to no good, LOL, but i do tend to make messes, and not in my didi
    im mostly an ab, a bit sissy and got a small dl part cuse nappies do turn me on down there.
    other then that i love reading, mostly lee child, and michael crichton and staff like that, i looooooove metal music, but also rock, and classic, and blues jazz soul and contry, anything that is on my little pony is good with me, and yes, im a brownie, i love cartoons but my little pony friendship is magic is the next level for me, i forgot to say at start but i got 2 dogs and 1 cat, and im a veg for over 9 years, yha, im a gamer, love anything from sims to fps, and racing is fun too, both on computer and real life, real life is better thou,
    what im looking in this site mostly, is to share ideas, make friends, and talk, as you can see if you read till here, im a shy pony, :P not realy, talks more then pinkie pie and the CMC together, soo yha, i need to vent out a bit,
    telli ho

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    Hi babyyoni, Welcome to adisc. nice to see someone from Israel. What do you mean by pinky pieish?

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    Hi and welcome to the community. All most every thing is open to discussion here. It is a support community and we share what we have gone through and what we might be dealing with as far as our AB/DL activities. Some of us are IC but do have a AB/DL side of us.

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    silly, it acting like pinkie pie from my little pony friendship is magic, shes crazy

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    Ah that'll be why o don't know it, never seen my little pony. Thanks for explaining it

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    why im not a EC allready? i followed all the rules

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    Only thing I can think of is that your reputation went negative it seems like you followed everything else but I can find out what your reputation is.

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