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    Default hiding diapers from roomates

    I'm recently about to move into an apartment with two other roommates. It is the first time in my life that I've had the ability to wear diapers without anybody telling me not to and I'm really excited for this. That being said I would rather my roommates not find out about it, they're good friends of mine. Any tips on wearing with roommates around that would help me wear as much as possible without them finding out.

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    plastic pants to have that extra barrier against leaks; cloth-backed disposables over plastic-backed, and plain cloth beat disposables for noise. Outer pants not close-fitting.Think about a onesie to avoid paranoia about bending at the waist: ensure it is tee-shirt colored ie white. Regular briefs over the plastic pant will kill the rustle. Don't store used padding at all and manually throw it out where it can't be unearthed by eg. dogs rooting through the trash. Pyjamas should be pullon with no fly at front. No messing, ever. Jeez, it's almost like I've been there...

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    Just chill. Men are quite unobservant. If you just hang out and dont be weird you can hide a bambino under pajama pants!

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    So, you're starting to gain some freedom and you want to wear some nappies. I'm glad to hear this. We have all been there and it's a stepping stone, ie, from having to hide them to not having to hide them.

    Anywho, moving on. I am assuming you have your own bedroom in this apartment.

    You need to still keep them hidden in your room. Living in an apartment with other males could lead to a disastrous outcome if they find them. Yes, I say, if they find them. Not everyone is nosey but everyone is always curious. Keep them well hidden incase someone has a wee peak around your room, whether this be in a locked suitcase under your bed ranging to stuffed somewhere at the bottom of your wardrobe or underslit in it. I would advise you do this just incase you forget to lock your bedroom door (if it had one) or if they go for a nosey in your room while you're gone. Search the forums for hiding your nappies. I'm on my iPhone so it will take too long to post links.

    Hygiene is important, infact, very important. You need to make sure that used nappies are disposed of as soon as possible after using them. The ammonia contained within your pee will start to break down causing a stench. It might be wise to have a plan in place to get used nappies to a bin without being caught. If you need to store used nappies in your room for a few hours then roll the nappy up and tape it closed. Place it into a plastic bag (one with no holes) and double tie it shut. Make sure no air can get in/out easily. That should keep the smell at bay for a few hours. Then dispose of when you feel ready. For added security, do not place the bag containing used nappies in the top of the bin. If your other room mates go to put something in the bin and see it, they will without a doubt raise the issue amongst everyone. Again, everyone is not nosey, but curious. Also, ensure you keep your room well ventilated as heat will make the used nappies smell quicker. Ensure your nether regions are clean and if you want too, shave off the hair down there. It might make you feel itchy at first, however, it helps a lot with the clean up operation, in regards to your body. There will be no hair to absorb the pee if it is all off.

    Plan everything. Know your schedule and know all theirs too. Know when you will be home alone and when you won't. Knowing this information will be valuable to you when you want to wear. Ensure you leave enough time before they return to clean yourself and remove off unwanted items, ie, dirty nappies.

    Clothing and wardrobe is another essential. Depending on the nappy you want to wear, you will need to adjust your clothing range. An example, if you wear a bambino or an abena M4 then you may want to wear baggier clothes. This will avoid the bulge on your rear end and at your crotch when your sit down. If you are wearing pull-ups, you can wear just regular clothes. These are less viable under clothing but don't hold as much. Don't make a drastic change to your wardrobe that will be noticeable as eyebrows will be raised and questions will probably be asked. Invest in a onesie. What I mean is a snap suit that snaps at the crotch. When worn with trousers it will just look like a t-shirt tucked into your trousers. This also helps prevent your nappy poking out the top of your trousers when bending over and giving your friends and eyesight full. Finally, it also holds everything in place so if you do wet your nappy, the nappy itself won't sag and you won't walk like John Wayne.

    Night time wearing feels good without having to get up for the potty breaks however, remember to always wear pjs. I say this as someone could walk into your room while you are sleeping and get a sight of you lying there in just a nappy. This will prevent that. If you have a lock on your door, use it at night time!

    Fun is always an important factor in wearing, so make sure you have fun. The little voice in your head will more than likely be going 90 to the dozen but that is just paranoia. The more you wear around them, the more relaxed and comfortable you will be. Just don't get too relaxed and comfortable though, unless you want your cover blown. Finally, don't make it obvious you are hiding something. That will just draw attention to yourself and make the situation worse which may risk you being caught.

    Good luck in your venture.


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    One possibility is picking up a cheap safe. Something like the $50 fireproof/waterproof file safes from Walmart is perfect. It provides a safe storage place for your diapers as well as greatly extending the time used diapers can be safely stored. SentrySafe Fire and Waterproof File -

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    If they are good friends why not just tell them you wear diapers??

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    thanks I'll be sure to keep all that in mind I honestly wasn't expecting a response that long and I really appreciate the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by repaidiob View Post
    If they are good friends why not just tell them you wear diapers??
    This. Now, maybe not right away, ease into it, and once they know, respect boundaries. Aside of that, if they're going to be sharing your living space there's always the chance they'll discover your stash or figure it out somehow. It's better to inform them on your terms before that happens.

    If they're strangers, wait a bit longer and feel them out. Get to know them before telling them.

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    I've dealt with this myself before of course...and everyone has made good points...but here's my 2 cents.

    I don't think you'll need to buy a safe. If I've ever had a roommate that was that nosy, and I had some seriously nosy ones, they never spoke a word of it. I'm sure none of mine ever looked that closely anyway. Bringing it up would embarrass someone else more than you. I left all of my diaper supplies in the bottom of a suitcase and-or a large plastic storage container. Always kept that in my closet, with things in the storage container or suitcase covering up my stash. Usually I take a pillowcase and lay it across the stash, then put my winter or summer clothes on top of that. It's pretty simple, really.

    When you use your diapers, good idea to stay away from the messes of course! They'll smell up your room, then the HVAC runs and it'll smell up the rest of the place. If you must, wait 'til the roommates are away and stay in the bathroom 'til you're done, have it bagged, and are walking directly to the dumpster with that bag. With wet diapers, just bag them and discard them within a day. Some diapers are quieter than others. Bambinos, plastic Cushies, plastic covered store brands, Attends...and I'm sure I'm leaving others out are all fairly crinkly diapers. I find the plastic covered Abenas to be the quietest overall plastic diapers, but cloth covered diapers are gonna be quieter still. If you plan on wearing to bed, then people might hear a loud diaper if you thrash about in your sleep. You need to be conscious of leaks of course if you're gonna be really brave and wear directly around roommates --- but babyemo hit the nail on the head when she said "Just chill. Men are quite unobservant." I am gonna say just chill, straight men are quite unobservant. A pair of boxers over the diaper, a long t-shirt tucked in, and a pair of one will be the wiser, be respectful and you'll find the same respect comes back to you.

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