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    Lastly I've wanted to wear diapers more and more. I still love with my parents so I can't wear that often.

    Like for example right now I'm lying in bed wearing a diaper and wish I could just get up, go get something to eat, and worry about taking it off later. Because I don't want to take it off yet. So instead I'm staying in bed longer than I want to because I don't want to take it off.

    Now obviously the easy answer to this is wait until I'm on my own but I'm just so frustrated. Maybe I just needed to vent.

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    Vent a way we are listening

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    That was pretty much it haha. I could try wearing when they are around but I would be to nervous. I would always focus on it. The most I've done is wear a goodnight in public.

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    When my family was away i took a goodnight and i was still wearing it 20Mins after and i was walking around upstairs
    i was nervous but i was hiding it from them trying not to act weird but it got to full and i had to throw my last one away
    and i want more diapers but i have no money to buy them or a way to sneak it into the house

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    Yah I've done that before. If I have anything on but a pullup, like an actual diaper, I'm way to conscious of it and can't wear in public at all. Maybe eventually I will build up the courage to try haha.

    And welcome to the site Comfort

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    And you to i think i have enough courage to wear diapers around them but not tell them

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