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Thread: Last of the ABDL survey series wrapping up

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    Default Last of the ABDL survey series wrapping up

    Seven years ago, I started the ABDL survey project at Understanding Infantilism.Org. Now data collection for the fourth survey is drawing to a close. If you haven't participated in this survey, there is still a little time. In a bit under a week, it will be taken down so I can process and post the summary results.

    You can find the final survey, "Odds and Ends," at:
    Survey - AB/DL Odds and Ends

    Over the years, these surveys have helped to show us how alike we are in some ways: Unsurprisingly, only 4% of ABDLs reported being neutral or negative about diapers as part of their ABDL or ageplay scenes. The surveys also showed ways in which we differ: For example, half of the ABDL women were neutral or negative about diapers if their interest developed when they were 20 or older.

    Even though the last survey of the series is wrapping up, the project will continue: There is still much data analysis to be completed, and probably new insights to be developed. There may also be other survey series in the future.

    To those who have completed this and other ABDL surveys, thanks for contributing!

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    One thing you may have missed is that there are some of us who are IC but like the fact that we get to wear and use diapers. A lot of us have a baby side because we are diapered most of the time. Has for myself being AB helps me deal with having to wear diapers

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    Kennyrallen, given the diversity within the community, there are doubtlessly some combinations that couldn't be listed in the multiple-choices, and some perspectives that didn't come up when reviewing the questions and answers. Want vs. need has been addressed in a few ways in past surveys, such as the result set "AB/DLs in Diapers Already". It was also explored in the third survey, but I haven't finished the analysis contrasting them using that data. Even then, it won't be the be-all-and-end-all of ABDL knowledge. However, it might help us understand the trends in the community a bit better.

    By the way, to prevent bias, I avoid discussing specific questions on surveys while data is being collected.

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    One thing was I could not check two at once there were times it was both.

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    Finished it. Thanks for all the hard work you've always put in designing all these surveys.

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