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Thread: Does anyone know what diaper this is?

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    Default Does anyone know what diaper this is?

    Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked a million times for this diaper in particular, but I'm quite keen to find out what it is. It's outrageously cute!

    (Sorry, it was too large to embed in the post)

    Thanks in advance, guys!

    - DN92

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    I am unsure however I know that here in the UK, google has a neat feature where you can add photos to the search function and then google cross-references the photo you put there with the Internet and shows you results.

    If you do that, you may just find the answer of what you are looking for. I would do it, but I'm on my iPhone, not my laptop.


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    It looks like maybe a limited print GoodNite to me. The form factor is basically identical, given the fully elastic leg bands and where the seams are in the front.

    If it is, I've certainly never seen that particular pattern before. Interesting.

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    It's Korean version of Huggies in Pants form... called Nappy Pants in Australia. Basically Korean version of Pull-Ups(there is not Pull-Ups in Korea).

    I believe Goodnites have slightly different design.

    굿나이트® 밤새 걱* 없이, 아침까지 편안하게~

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    Yeah, had a funny feeling that they were Korean. Damn, they're amazing! I wish someone imported them internationally! :P Thanks for the replies, Guys! Much appreciated!

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    Am I the only person who's a little weirded out by the original photo?

    Looks a little kiddish to me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbenaLeaf View Post
    Am I the only person who's a little weirded out by the original photo?

    Looks a little kiddish to me...
    What's weird about a pullup for kids being worn by a kid? For sure it's less weird than seeing pics of adults trying to squeeze into them!

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    Diaper models always the size of the size of the diaper is meant for.

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