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Thread: Baby powder cap

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    Default Baby powder cap

    So I got a bottle of baby powder and the cap on it that has holes to sprinkle doesn't stay on. Like I have to hold my finger on it and sprinkle. Is this normal? Or did I get like a defective bottle. Sorry if this is a ignorant question.

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    u should probably try to tighten the cap as much as possible

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    It doesn't tighten. Like it literally just lays on top of the bottle. This sucks

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    You may want to try and tape on the sides so it stays on, but doing that the holes will always be open. It may cause it to cake being exposed to the air all the time. Hope it is a smaller bottle so you can use it up sooner.

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    No it's a massive one :/ I'll just deal with it for now. Thanks for the replies, hopefully the next one isn't like this.

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    Sometimes if they snap off from great force, it takes great force to snap the top back on. On the other hand, if the plastic broke, then there's no way it will stay on.

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    Super Glue is usually about a dollar (or a Euro). Can't fully close the lid then, though, so don't store it upside down.

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    I'm too strong for my own good haha. I must have broken it or something. Next time I will try and be more careful. Thanks for all the replies!!

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    You know in all the bottles of baby powder...cornstarch based...I've never had a top break...

    I have had a bottle break wide open in my was severely frozen in an outside luggage bay for many hours...when unloading was dropped, and the bag sorta looked like something blew up!...everything smelt nice...

    Oddly no one even blinked an eye...

    Hope you next bottle fairs better.

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