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Thread: an easy way to make an incognito baby leash or child safety harness

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    Default an easy way to make an incognito baby leash or child safety harness

    Just thought I would share my knowledge on how to make a crude baby leash using ropes and harbinger clips. This design is loosely based off of the harnesses on this site:
    Child Safety Harnesses for baby, toddler, older child, Special Needs. Child Harness, Toddler Harness, Autism Harness, Older Child Harness

    before you get started there are two basic knots you want to know the two-half hitches and the taught line I'll post links below.
    taught line:
    Tautline Hitch - How to tie a Tautline Hitch
    two-half hitches:
    Half Hitch - How to tie a Half Hitch

    Not only are these knots essential for making this thing but they are also good knots to know in general. Without further adieu on to making the actual leash or harness.
    Here's a list of things you'll need:
    1 long rope (about the length of the person from head to foot plus a yard)
    2 short ropes (the length of the persons neck to their fingertips)
    1 lead (can be as long or short as you want it)
    2 harbinger style clips or 1 clip and 1 lock
    an additional rope that wraps around the waist
    2 ropes long enough to wrap around the thickest part of the leg
    2 ropes that run from the belly button to the nipple line

    step 1: make the lead
    this is pretty simple just tie your lead rope to one of the clips with a half hitch
    step 2: assembling the harness:
    you want to take your two smaller ropes and attach them at any point along the big rope with a half hitch make sure that you only use about 3 inches of each rope in the half hitch the rest will be used as the shoulder strap.
    step 3: the chest strap
    take the large rope and wrap it around the chest right at or below the nipple line and tie it tightly with a half hitch at the front again using only the first 3 or so inches of the rope. this should leave you with a lot of extra rope don't worry that'll come in later. Next make sure the attach points of the two small ropes are fairly close to the knot you just tied in the big rope, then twist it around the body until the knots are behind you where it's hard for you to reach them
    step 4: shoulder straps
    The two small ropes should be loose and dangling behind you at this point if they aren't you've done something wrong. Take this time to adjust their position so that when you pull the ropes over the front of your shoulder they run right on the neck. next attach each of these ropes to the front of the chest strap with taught lines then adjust the slack in the knots until they hold up the chest strap.
    step 5: crotch strap
    you should have a large portion of the large rope left unused and it should be dangling behind you. take the leftover rope and run it under the crotch and attach it to the front with a taught line. Now adjust the slack in all of your taught line knots so that the harness is tight on the body tight enough so that you can't slip your arm through the shoulder strap or leg through the crotch strap.
    step 6: attach the leash
    the final step is to take the other harbinger clip (or lock if you want to make a locking harness) and clip it through the two shoulder straps at the back. then clip the leash onto that clip and your done. up next is an optional crotch piece that would go around the diaper and prevent the wearer from taking the diaper off
    optional 1:
    taker the waist length rope and tie it around the waist at the top of the diaper over the decorational tape with a taught line and adjust until it's tight.
    optional 2:
    take the smaller ropes and attach them at the center top of the back of the diaper
    optional 3:
    attach the small ropes to the front top center of the diaper running around the legs close to the leg gatherers of the diaper with a taught line and adjust until it's super tight otherwise they will fall out of place. It might be uncomfortable but it's supposed to be.
    optional 4: attach the diaper harness to the chest harness at the front and back with the last two pieces of rope using half hitch and taught line.

    hoped this helped let me know if you had any questions.

    - - - Updated - - -

    it's incognito because when you take it off it just looks like a pile of ropes so you can keep it laying around wherever and if someone asks just say you like tying knots.

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    Kudos for the knot links.

    Not sure about the application. Having been subjected to one in the first wave (1950s) I strongly recommend not using this for your children. Your friends, on the other hand, may be a different thing altogether.


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    it's mostly just for you and whatever significant other you have or just you cuz you can just tie it to a wall or something and get the same effect as someone holding it.

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