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Thread: What is in your DVD player?

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    Default What is in your DVD player?

    What is in your DVD player?


    Live and Let Die on bluray- 1971 with Roger Moore as James Bond

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    something stupid for my friends class-by one of my lazy friends for his class.

    Trust me He is. XD 7% in biology.

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    Ummmmm, some movie I downloaded-Beowulf...... Don't worry, I do have a legit DVD of the same movie that I bought, I just feel that, if hey, I'm going to spend close to 30 dollars when it first comes out, I would at least like to be able to have a back up in case a little teeny weeny scratch screws the whole DVD up.

    Seeing as I'm not alone in the subject as the companies are now having a digital copy with your DVD when you purchase them. Bout damn time...

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    Dogma. I rented it from Netflix. I though it sucked until a hour into it, then it got good. Pretty much the good part started after the train section.

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    It's currently empty and disconnected from my TV. Yay grad student life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by h200420012 View Post
    Live and Let Die on bluray- 1971 with Roger Moore as James Bond
    I love that movie! Though technically that's in your bluray player

    Mine has Casino Royale in it (from when Quantum of Solace came out)...I don't use it that often.

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