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    would anyone know where to get girl scout uniforms in adult sizes, im not talking about those slutty costume that area easy to find, i mean real looking ones but in adult sizes.

    also if you could would you have joined the girl scouts when you where little

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    You would probably go to the local girl scout store and buy one of the uniforms. I'm a Boy Scout so I don't know exactly if the adult and kids styles are different but they should be the same. I also am not sure if you need to prove you're part of girl scouts or not but I doubt it.

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    I was a cub scout back in the day, and I enjoyed it. Though one could never get cub scout uniforms in adult sizes, one could with boy scouts, so I'm sure you could buy a girl scout uniform where they are sold.

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    Here is the official shop: Welcome - Girl Scouts of the USA

    Unlike the boy scouts, adult leaders don't seem to wear the uniform, so they don't sell adult versions. However, look at the teen uniforms and see if they will work. You can just buy them. They don't ask you to prove anything. Besides, buying the uniforms there, you would be supporting the girl scouts while getting what you want.

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    Default Girl scout uniform envy

    When I was a child I was a Cub Scout and a Boy scout. My sister was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. My mother was a Girl Scout leader. They both had uniforms. Leaders wore uniforms just like the girls back then.

    My sister was 2 years younger so her clothes did not fit me. But my mothers uniform was a different story. I dressed in my mothers Girl Scout uniform many times.

    As an adult I was a Boy Scout leader for 20 years for my three sons. My ex was a Girl Scout leader for my daughter. Unfortunately the Girl Scout leaders did not wear uniforms by then.

    I agree that the large girl uniforms will probably fit young skinny males. Unfortunately I am no longer skinny. But I still fondly remember the Girl Scout uniforms of my youth.

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