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    Hi guys I'm Lovely. I identify with the caregiver role of ABDL. My girl and I have been involved in ageplay for a few months now, and are only finding ourselves getting more and more into it. But even though I'm a "mommy", I absolutely love wetting (and any other aspect of piss play btw) ...more so witnessing than doing but it's all good in my book - whether it's diapers or pants or what have you. So I guess that may bring out a teeny bit of a little side to me sometimes.

    I came to this site to educate myself and hopefully meet new people I can share ideas and thoughts with. There's so many elements of ageplay I know I have yet to discover, and I can't wait until I do! ^_^

    Our mommy/baby girl relationship is only an added component to the D/s relationship that my girl and I have been involved in for over two years now. I am one kinky, pain addicted person and am damn proud of it. Aside from the personal aspect of things, I work in retail and my two passions are dance and writing.

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    Hello Lovely and welcome to the group.

    This is a nice introduction. I am sure you will be able to find people on the site that can answer your questions.

    Again welcome.

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