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Thread: Midwest Teen Sex Show (Adult, not really about teen sex)

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    Default Midwest Teen Sex Show (Adult, not really about teen sex)

    So has anyone seen this video? It is an educational web show to help young adults understand certain aspects of sex in a humerous way. It helped me feel a lot more confident, and it even mentions infantilism! YouTube - Fetishes - Midwest Teen Sex Show #18

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    Yea, I seen that episode before and a couple other episode as well.

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    That was awesome, thanks for posting it!

    -The Sun-

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    Why is this post in the Roleplay forum? *moves to OffTopic*

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    Sorry, I didn't know where to put it. I just thought that since a lot of the subject matter of the video had to do with role-play, I'd put it there. No probs.

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    I've seen all the episodes. Some are informative, and some aren't. Funny, overall.

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    That was actually really good. It's hard to balance informative and funny. The last one really made me laugh out loud.

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    "And remember, don't beat your self up about it. Unless your into that." Fucking win.

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