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Thread: My Thoughts on Diapers

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    Default My Thoughts on Diapers

    I have a lot of time to think, which is not as desirable as it sounds. Anyway, my idea is, what do we really gain by moving from diapers to underwear? After all, we lose the ability to relieve ourselves conveniently and discretely when and where we have to. Then we must face often crowded and unsanitary public restrooms, risk being caught if we go outside, or hold it until we're in pain. To those with shy bladders, public toilets can be torture. And then there are the poor folk who must bare shame and embarrassment if they can't hold it any longer and suffer an accident.

    Of course, there are health and courtesy concerns. But if one follows common sense practices, diaper use will not harm or overly bother anyone.

    So diapers are not just necessary garments for the very young and the incontinent, but can be practical articles for those of all ages. When you think about it like this, why should there be any stigma? I can only imagine the countless instances of physical and/or emotional discomfort that could have been saved with a diaper.

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    you make a lot of sense, and there is also a medical benefit:
    Wild Animals (dogs, cats, even our cousin the ape) don't hold their excrement, or not long at least. And they don't have as much of a likelihood of developing problems of the urinary/digestive system.

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    The points you make are relevant for some but they aren't relevant in my case. Diapers aren't a practical benefit for me. I have a high-capacity bladder and I can count the number of uses of public facilities in the last twelve months on one hand. Diapers are bulky, hot, can chafe when walking long distances, prone to uncomfortable shifting of padding (at least in the case of disposables) for those who are active, and there's the ongoing risk of leaks and unpleasant smells. Changes are considerably more involved in public than using a toilet (or anywhere, really), and cloth diapers just up the bulk.

    Despite all those complaints, I think we'd be better off as a society if they weren't so stigmatized. My father has a tiny bladder and would probably be happier if some kind of pull-up was acceptable when a bathroom wasn't available. Still, it's like a rounding error in the improvement of our society. So many things are higher priority that I can't see campaigning to make a change.

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    You make a very good point there, KimbaStarshine! I am one who would love to wear diapers 24/7, but I don't have a supportive wife. I like the idea of using my diapers (pee only) in the movie theatre, and while traveling on road trips, or while at work. I love everything about the thrill and feeling, but wish this side of life was more accepted.

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    Someone, somewhere a long time ago decided to turn an ego thing of being able to hold it the longest into a competitive 'manhood-measuring' contest with the losers publicly shunned and ridiculed. That's why the world hates diapers as I see it. Now granted, there are times when it's probably not the best idea to have rows of ladies picking strawberries while voiding their systems. Buses and concert halls are other places we don't want to let it all flow, which brings to mind; how did they handle things on the Mayflower?

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    Yeah, it is an honest issue for me. I never got a chance to get used to public bathroom and now I hate them so much! I get so nervous whenever I need to go. Not having diapers for the moment really ruins my mood and makes it much more stressful when I need to go...

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    You do raise some valid points here, to be honest I don't think anything is gained from moving from underwear to diapers if one does not need to wear them. Like many others here urges/sexual desire initially drove us to diapers. Diapers are practical for everyday use but for those who are not AB/DL will not see eye to eye on the issue that AB/DL's do, just like I won't see eye to eye on desires and interests other people are into.

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    You bring up some good points, If I am out and about with out a diaper I risk the chance of wetting myself. I should wear 24/7 but there are times that I do switch to underwear. Think it is just to be out of diapers for a while.

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    You do realize that it's only our small group of like minded people that want to wear diapers. Most people are darned glad they can use a bathroom and go about their life wearing underwear. As for animals, they do hold it. My dog holds it all day until I take her out for her walk. Face it, enjoying diapers are our emotional hangup, something the rest of the world does not share nor understand.

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    Well, I meant non-domestic animals, as they don't need to hold it.

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