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Thread: My Version of Diaper Tapes

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    Default My Version of Diaper Tapes

    So, I decided to make my own thread about this. Hopefully pictures will warrant it!

    In short, I tried to print out the tapes in the previous thread, had no toner, then thought of what else I could use to make diaper tapes without having to print them out.

    The answer was wrapping paper. It's awesome- there's plenty of little or baby designs, because of birthday parties and baby showers.

    I've only been trying for the past couple days (and am a terrible arts & crafts person), but the method is the same. Stretch out the diaper, Hold the wings down with heavy books, cut the diaper print, tape it down with packaging tape.

    1) Care Bears

    2) Sleepytime Diaper

    3) Sesame Street Babies

    4) MY LITTLE PONY (I'm sure someone on here is gonna freak)

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    Omg i love these!!! Where did you find these wrapping paper designs?? Walmart?

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    This is really clever! I'll have to try this sometime!

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    Man these are so cool I would like to try make my own but I don't know where to start.

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    *Freaks over My Little Pony wwrapping paper*
    No really though these are cute, good idea!!

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    O. M. G. I LOVE THIS!!!! You are a genius! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Shopping list for the next time I'm at Target: Star Wars wrapping paper, clear packing tape, adult diapers. Maybe just to confuse the cashier I'll throw in KY jelly and a turkey baster : ) .

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