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    What do you like about the Instinct? Does it have good quality? Is it better than the iphone, or LG dare?

    I have played around with on and from what I can tell it seems like a very good phone. Do I think it is better than the iphone? No not by far. But since I have Sprint it will have to do.

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    You could just buy a unlocked Iphone if you want one that badly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    You could just buy a unlocked Iphone if you want one that badly.
    That will not work because the Iphone is for at&t and AT&T runs on a GSM network where as Sprint is CDMA.

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    The Samsungs and LGs and other iPhone imitators are good for one thing: If you cannot get an iphone because of price or network availability or something else and really want a touch screen phone.

    Personally I'm happy with my Sony Ericsson.
    I'm less happy with my mobile phone network (who I could get an iphone from but probably wont). What do you !#@!ing mean I have to top up by €20 a month for my free credit, O2? It's not very "free" then is it. Everything with them is €20 top-up this and €30 top-up that. Since I spend on average €10 a month, I never get any of their offers.

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    I got my samsung today and i freakin love this phone

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    well I liked it it seems amazing lol

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