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    My baby age ranges from newborn to just being able to crawl. Which means, I should (in my own view) be extremely messy and carefree when I'm in "regressed" mode. The irony is, when it comes to my AB gear, I will NOT drop anything on them, drag my belly and knees across the floor or mess a diaper with them on.

    I don't think it has to do with the price as much as I want them to stay clean and cute at all times.

    Is this bizarre behavior for an AB or is this considered to be the norm with adult baby clothing?

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    Each person is different . My range is about 9 months to 2 years. I tend to be messy. I wear for need to so it doesn't matter if I have big boy cloths on or little boy cloths If I have a diaper on and need to mess I do it. But there is something going on with my bowels that it is easier for me to go standing up than setting on the toilet .

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    Well sounds to me like you need some shortalls or some other durable type play clothes. I certainly do agree with your sentiment in wanting to stay clean and cute. I have just a few sleepers to play in. I would never consider crawling in my white chenilee fleecy. My red ninja monkeys is for crawling and floor play time. I also have a play blanket I spread out on the living room rug. The rug in my living room floor is real wool so it tends to shead a few fibers. Once I finish losing these last few pounds I intend to invest in some overalls that I can modify for snaps in the inseam.

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    A lot of AB's have a good idea of what they consider to be their favorite role play ages. Despite one choosing to role play as that age, they often select a variety of behaviors from different age groups to incorporate into their role play. For example, those who choose to role play as an infant often times maintain their walking / talking abilities despite those skills not normally being present in an infant.

    the book 'There's a Baby in my Bed' by Rosalee Bent (unsure on the spelling) has some good information from her perspective on this topic.

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