Today, I got a helpful email from the EFF telling me that Firefox version 23, due for release in a week or two, may break certain sites when you access those sites over HTTPS.

Specifically, if you're on Fx 23, and you browse an https:// page, anything insecure (ie: http://) on that page won't load.

This could mean the page looks wildly broken, anything based on javascript (like clever menus) doesn't work, etc

I will of course be testing ADISC this weekend, to be sure this isn't going to cause us any issues.

That said:
- I feel you all deserve a heads up, in case any other site you use via HTTPS stop working in Firefox over the next two weeks.
- I would also encourage Firefox users to download the beta version of Firefox, if you want to check your sites still work with it.
- Again, anyone who has the beta version of Firefox is welcome to test ADISC in it. I appreciate any and all reports of issues you send my way.