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Thread: The Many Phases of AB/DL

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    Default The Many Phases of AB/DL

    First, you are a baby. Unaware, unable to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of what you have. Security, love, carelessness. For some reason, your brain decides to forge an everlasting connection between the physical entity of a diaper, and the ultimate state of bliss that is being a baby.

    THEN! You are four or five. You start to log memories. For some reason you feel funny any time you are around a diaper. You long to be in one, but you don't know why. Depending on your level of bravery, you either steal a diaper and try it on (only to get caught and disciplined), or (like me) you dream of one day when you are old enough to buy and wear your own diapers. Why you want to wear them so much, you don't know. But GOD DAMN! You want to wear them.

    Elementary school: Every now and then, when exposed to diapers, you feel funny. A commercial for Pampers comes on in between episodes of "Cowboys of Moo Mesa" and "Super Dave." You feel a chill come over you and wonder what that is about. Maybe you are brave and have a source of diapers from a relative; maybe you are not brave and you suppress your thoughts.

    Middle school: Puberty rears it's ugly head. Suddenly thoughts of emotional comfort become thoughts of a more adult nature. You may have dreams. You may deny or embrace them. Either way, you are confused. This is the beginning of the teen baby / teen diaper lover. It finally has a moniker.

    Hight School: More of the same with desires to regress, or desires to simply wear diapers. But, you also have animate romances. How do you balance the two? Can you trust your significant other to accept who you are?

    College / Adulthood and Jobs: It is crunch time. Time to either accept or deny who you are. Did you choose this? Most likely not. Is it wrong? You don't know, or you do know... that it is right / wrong? You take a side, or seek the advice of others. If you are like me, you turn to therapists and family, and are told that there is nothing wrong with you. Others, are not so blessed in their council. Perhaps they are told that God hates sexual immorality. But who defines that? Perhaps someone you care for deeply; a family member, or a friend rejects you. Are you wrong, or are they?

    The Rest of Your Life: This isn't going away. You can either own it, and accept who you are, or you can perpetuate the feelings of those that don't understand what they can't explain. Sure, it is easy to stand on a soap box and preach self acceptance, but what if someone you truly love rejects you? Who can you turn to?

    I hope you can turn to us. This forum, this community. You are not alone, and you are not a freak. If you believe in a God, I can tell you that God created a species of diversity, and He loves all kinds. If you are an atheist, you can still take comfort in the fact that we are all created with characteristics beyond our control.

    What I'm trying to say is, you are all okay.

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    A very good summary of the life of an ABDL. Thanks for posting.

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    My experience was a bit more like having the strangest, unprecedented urge to try them when I was 14, stealing a few between that time and the time I could afford to buy them myself, and never having an issue with it since then. (: Well, I did tell my mum about it, and was promptly dragged off to a psychiatrist, but he wasn't very helpful (who tells a 15 year-old that her diaper fetish could have a negative impact on her sex life later on?). Apparently I'm a bit of a queer case - never having much guilt over it - but hopefully that'll be the norm some day.

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    It is a very good summary, even for us that need them and also have a liking for them. No sure if the AB side was my way of accepting diapers or it was something that was always there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen View Post
    It is a very good summary, even for us that need them and also have a liking for them. No sure if the AB side was my way of accepting diapers or it was something that was always there.
    For me, wanting to be a baby has always been a part of me, even in childhood.

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    For me the idea never came into my head(at least not that I can remember) until I was around 13. Then it was with me until now.

    A question I often ponder is if you could get rid of the desire permanently, would you? I'm not sure if I would.

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