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Thread: Meh, I thought this was Cute.

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    Default Meh, I thought this was Cute.

    It is such a big deal to non-ab/dl's to think of peen in a diaper (GOD FORBID!). So I thought this was cute. For once, it is the parents of the babies that are adorable.

    If you like, enjoy.
    I Peed in My Child's Diaper! - Coffee Shop Confessions - Season 2 Episode 8 - YouTube

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    "Would I pee in a diaper to keep peace and quite on a road trip?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambusa View Post
    I'm guessing... Yes???
    ... Do I need to post that image again?

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    Unlike Simon, I haven't been regaled with tales of bottle or cup peeing. I'm not sure if my friends don't share that or if they have a sufficiently high capacity bladder that the problem doesn't arise (I fall into the latter category).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    or if they have a sufficiently high capacity bladder that the problem doesn't arise (I fall into the latter category).
    I do as well, but drink a liter of water then get back to me in a hour or so.It'll be 100 for the next two days and in a matter of hours I need to go in so they can drain me of blood and give it to a vampire or something. So, water, water, water, water.

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    I laughed so hard about the guy talking about his family road trips when he was young mine was like that too hahah

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    Yep een so called "Normal" people pee in diapers. When you got to go you got to go. I am surprised it held it.

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    Guys can just whip it out and pee in a bush, on a tree, or even into a field if there aren't people around. A lot of us are fairly comfortable with that and I certainly know a number of people who have also peed in a bottle. The first time I tried it was a freshman in highschool coming back from a soccer game. It's not like I was going to ask the bus driver to pull over or anything like that.

    If you're OK with peeing outside or into a bottle I don't see why anyone would be opposed to peeing in a diaper. It's a different medium but it serves the same purpose. I do however appreciate that some people still aren't OK with having the pee up against their skin for any amount of time.

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    Thumbs up lol


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