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    Hi everyone am new around here I am a full ab dl baby /daddy.. looking for friends and good times..

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    Quote Originally Posted by djboi View Post
    Hi everyone am new around here I am a full ab dl baby /daddy.. looking for friends and good times..
    Hi djboi! Welcome to adisc! This is a fun place for the ab/dl community. We support each other and give each other advice on our likes and dislikes. For starters, can you tell us more about yourself? Since you're from LA, are you a sports fan? Are you a surfer? You say you're a dj, are you a dj in a club? There are a lot of musicians and music lovers here. If you need more pointers for an introduction, read this article: Again, welcome and enjoy!

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    hey! one of my female ab friends also dj's. I wonder - do diapers glow under black light? ( cloth ones should... glowing under UV light is how laundry soap makes your whites white and bright. Makes you wonder what an ab rave would look like. This image will appear now in my dreams... I just know it will.)

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    Hello I'm a mommy that is been doing this for almost 17 years. I just belonged to the diaper pail fraternity. I'd love to talk to you sometime and talk about parenting our adult babies. That would be cool to go to an adult baby Ray, at least there be plenty of pacifiers.

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