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    I regularly read this blog and I found this post interesting and potentially of interest here. I know there have been several posts on experiences with potty training...perhaps for some of us our abdl ness has roots in experiences like this one. The girl described seemed to react to a new sibling (true in my case) -- dad seemed to be quite graceful but everyone has their limits.

    As a parent, I relate to my kid's diapers in a totally different way than my own (I had a ton of anxiety about this before they were born -- worried that the attraction would carry over -- it didn't in any form). I can imagine it being frustrating having gone through training and then seeing this kind of regression. I imagine that given my experience I will have a lot of empathy for my child in this eventuality.

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    Great parenting advice. As always, when raising kids, it's sometimes hard to remember who is supposed to be the adult. It's always reassuring to hear from someone who's pretty good at it.

    And good to hear from the other side of the parent/child gap in this forum. It's a perspective that, I think, is really helpful for the people who post here about problems with their parents.

    I was the youngest child in my family for nine years, am (now) aware of wanting to wear diapers several years earlier than that and had completely compartmentalized it by the time my sister arrived. So the disruption of being displaced wasn't an issue for me (at least not in that way). On the other hand, the earliest fully reliable diaper seeking behavior on my part was wanting to wear one of a friend's younger sibling's diapers. (I was five or six, at most, based on the age of that sibling.)

    So these issues might be triggered not only by displacement issues, per se, but also by a kind of nostalgia triggered by the opportunity. I suspect (without any real foundation) that many of these sibling issues have to do with the ambivalence people feel about growing up/growing old milestones. I think these are present in children (were in mine) despite their striving to be older, and maybe present even more strongly because of that striving.

    I loved raising my kids, every stage, even the very trying ones. Best of luck with yours.

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