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    I notice how we always find a read why we wear diapers and do it. We always try and justify it.

    We wear them to relieve stress or because we had a crappy childhood and so on. Well to be honest, if we really say why we do diapers for these reasons, first thing our parents or someone is going to think is getting counseling to help deal with our past so we wouldn't need diapers or get counseling to help deal with stress or try and help us find another way to relieve stress. Then when those get resolved, now what? We will still be doing it so what's our next excuse?

    I am done saying my reason for wearing diapers is because I hate getting older or I want to feel young inside or maybe my past has something to do with it or I am depressed so they make me happy. I do it because I like it and I feel happier in them and I feel they're part of me.

    People may act accepting at first only because they think it can be fixed so they can put up with it until the issue is resolved after we give them our excuses like bad childhood or being bullied growing up, not having a childhood, etc. because then they would try and help us so we won't have to do it simply because they don't like it but put up with it so they will try and fix it.

    So what do you guys think? Do we just make excuses for why we do this? I mean it's never going to go away so why even try and justify it? It's just going to mislead our partners and parents and make them think they can get rid of it once they resolve an issue they think is causing it like if we get over our childhood and resolve it and move on, we won't feel the need to do diapers anymore or if they think they can help us with our stress and deal with it, we won't feel the need to put on a diaper.

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    Sorry, too much for me to think and process. I love my diapers. As you said they're a part of you as they are me as well. People who don't accept me can take a walk. I wear them and that's that! I only wish I had more diaper friends.

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    I've given up on excuses. It feels good so I do it, it's part of me, can't be changed (no pun intended). Not worth beating yourself up about something that is neither wrong or harmful. Besides- takes all sorts to make a world

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    I gave up on the excuses long ago. I wear diapers because I enjoy them. I'm an adult, I have an education, I pay my taxes, I have my own house, and I work hard to get what I have. If I want to wear diapers, I'm going to wear diapers. If someone has an issue with that, they can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I'm concerned.

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    I agree. I don't have any clear reason for this that I can identify and I don't see diapers as fundamentally sustaining me. They're a thing that I like, just like other things I like that no one would blink at. I wish it was an easier thing for people to understand, but we can't have everything we want.

    It's a fair question why the excuses or justifications are so common. I'd like to think it has to do with a lack of self-acceptance and it will get better over time. While there may be some of that, I never employed the kinds of excuses you describe. I didn't know why I wanted them and it plagued me but I didn't dredge up reasons. I've seen enough people who describe it in a therapeutic fashion, not just in the abstract but when they are planning it, that I think there may be different forces at work. The desire varies from person to person, so I'm inclined to think the reasons vary as well. It may not be an excuse at all, but an explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I'd like to think it has to do with a lack of self-acceptance and it will get better over time.
    This is my judgment, as well; usually when I have seen people who feel they need to be able to ascribe some "cause" for their desires there seems to be some veiled self-loathing (or at the very least a pointed feeling of "wrongness") re: AB/DL desires. It is unfortunate; as reassuring as it would be for this to be a simple thing with a simple explanation, the true measure of self-acceptance is the ability to be satisfied with who you are regardless of the "reasons" (if there be any simple ones) that you are that way. Human psychology is complicated; letting a significant portion of your emotional well-being hinge on the perceived existence of some simple explanation for a very complicated array of desires, in my estimation, is very clearly unhealthy.

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    I am a studying psychologist and my interests have directed me towards this field. I am always trying to understand my unique interests but believe them to be deeply rooted in my psychosexual schema. Its like asking why do I like the opposite sex? We were wired that way. Complexity comes with much diversity.

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    Good points. It is true that we don't need an excuse to wear diapers; it's different, but not harmful. However, I don't think that's the only reason we try to figure out why we like to. I think we also want to understand ourselves better. I'm OK with the fact I like diapers, but I'd love to understand why I like to. What sort of need am I trying to fulfill? Why diapers and regression, not something else? It's a fascinating question! So there are lots of reasons to ask why, not necessarily excuses. You are right, though; as long as we're not harming others or ourselves, we don't need to worry about whether it's OK, because it is.

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    I had a really good childhood and loving parents. My life hasn't been particularly stressful; there have been times i have been stressed but I think this is normal.

    Why do I like wearing nappies? I honestly don't know! I just do. I denied it for so long because I thought it was wrong and believed I was the only person who felt this way.

    About a year ago I decided I was going to wear and I haven't looked back. Although I do still think it is an odd thing for a healthy adult to do, I've accepted that this is the way I am.

    Whether my friends and family would accept it is another matter entirely

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    There are some of us who do wear diapers for need but also like wearing them. Even thou I wear for need I went through consoling to find out why I liked wearing them . Only to find out that there is nothing wrong with wearing diapers and liking doing so. There is big stigma about adults wearing diapers that has been around for to long. So our underwear is different than most people so what.

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