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Thread: Minecraft for BabyFurs!

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    Default Minecraft for BabyFurs!

    My wife and I own a minecraft server dedicated to baby furs. There are a few normal players who come on as well, but they are very tolerant, however the targeted demographic are to furries and babyfurs in perticular. Due to a recent world edit issue, we've had to delete our spawn town, which is still under re-construction, but the server is open for anyone who wants to play. It is a survival multiplayer, no griefing or stealing, Toggleable PvP, with a few mini games and a public mine being set up within the next day or two (when my wife is done lifestreaming her digital art (she specializes in furry art and is open for commissions)) My screen name on minecraft is Soo_Sniper, and my wife's is wavemasterkaz. We have to share a computer right now, so only one of us are on at a time, and we are not always on our server as we also mod the parent server, so you may see us on the player list without us actually being there.

    The server is called KinnyCraft and the IP address is

    Hope to see you there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randompro View Post
    Hope to see you there!
    I most definetly WILL be going there! I have two questions: Does the server have a Nickname plugin? Also, does it have major support for MorePlayerModels?

    EDIT!!!: Not a good experience. I joined, and I could not use the /me command. I said hello, one person said hi after a couple seconds, and one said "Welcome to narnia."

    So in a role-play mood I decided to take on the personality of most of my OCs. Timid, shy, and scared very easily. I said "*Eeps* I don't wanna be in narnia" and a few minutes passed. I said "*Sighs and cuts off the roleplay* Hello." And then proceeded to be called weird by two players, with awkward silence before I left. The spawn looked like a greifer had his way with it, and there was absolutely NO signs telling me how to get started.

    I dislike it now, but with some work i MAY re-consider joining.
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    Like I said, weve had to pretty much start the spawn from scratch and reconfigure plugins after a multicraft failure a few days ago, so yes, there is not a lot to it right now. We were normally averaging 5-10 players online at a time when everything was working, had multiple roleplay chat channels among many other features. The spawn has not been griefed, it is still largely under construction and we will be setting up a temp town tonight for our regulars, along with rank/donor perks. Hopefully our formalnspawn will be completed within a day or two depending on how much my wife lets me use the computer.
    Finally, to answer your original question, our server does have a nickname plugin, but it is limited to staff, VIP and donor ranks for the time being, and no MPM support as it conflicts with a few of our other plugins

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