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Thread: plastic diapers or cloth diapers?

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    Default plastic diapers or cloth diapers?

    which one do your prefer? And sorry if this is a poll already

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    has to be plastic, I love the outside feel.. the cloth doesn't have the same feeling for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by troubleboi View Post
    has to be plastic, I love the outside feel.. the cloth doesn't have the same feeling for me
    I think it has alot to do of when people worn born i was born in the 90s when plastic was what i wore

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    i was born in the 80's. Because i'm the youngest of 4 i think i would have been in cloth as a baby, i remember see the cloth squares as a young toddler.. I guess when i was older disposables where in. I assume with cloth plastic pants were used on the outside. For me i plastic pants or cloth backed disposables don't fit, I bit nervous in the future the plastic will be gone, as for me this is important part of it

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    I actually ware both but voted plastic. With a active life style plastic is easier to handle. I also have Arthritis in my hands which makes diaper pins hard close.
    At home and with the help of my wife it is cloth.

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    Plastic, without a doubt. I LOVE the crinkle!

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    Plastic, absolutely, definitely, without a doubt. Not even sure why a poll is required, it's the only choice, in my humble opinion

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    I wear both. Cloth AIO's overnight. Disposables during the day.

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    Born in '77. My parents used cloth when I was an infant, and then switched to plastic disposables. My twin sisters - born in '79 - were in disposables the whole time, to my knowledge. Actually, all three of us were in diapers for a period of time. Must've been hell for my parents!

    I vastly prefer plastic-backed disposables, but I occasionally enjoy cloth as a diversion. Since going 24x7, I find myself using cloth more frequently due to its utility, reusability, and longer-term cost efficiency. Disposable diapers are damned expensive. I think I can finally relate to what my parents went through with us kids.

    My dad actually still has a few cloth diapers from my infancy. They make excellent furniture wipes and are great as shop towels when working on cars!

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    I must admit I wear disposables mostly though I do have terry nappies also. I also like the crinkly sound of disposables. Plastic pants also give off that crinkly sound too. I'm just happy to wear nappies though when all is said and done.

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