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    Hey guys..

    So I'm having a bit of an issue.
    See I'm moving to Georgia for college, and I'm living in a former (small) lawyers office above my dads business.

    We converted it to a two bedroom apartment.
    And I'm trying to find a roommate, but... Nobody wants to move to Georgia with me..

    So basically.. What I'm asking is.. Do you guys know a good way to meet people for potential roommates? (or even finding friends for that matter)

    It's kind of essential that I find a roommate because my dad likes to be a jerk to me when nobody's around, but he acts normal around my friends and outside parties...


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    Most people are generally pretty cool once you get to know them. So long as you don't hate them, you'll get to know them and probably become good friends in time. Just post an ad, see a few people and pick the lesser of all evils. About the only way I see. Good luck. Uni is mean fun.

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    There are TONS of people who would like to move in with you. They are many out there looking for similar accommodations.

    1) Post a free ad on Craigslist.
    2) Meet with any interested party at a neutral location (like a coffee shop) to interview and meet with them.
    3) Take a few hours afterward to contemplate if you feel 'comfortable' with said person.
    4) Write an agreement for them to sign: expectations, rent, privacy issues, use of common shared areas and appliances, length of stay, and provisions prohibiting anything you are uncomfortable with such as parties or illegal activity.

    This is not an easy job but if you put in the time to choose a roomate wisely you broaden the chance of aquiring a compatible roomy.

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    You can end up finding really good mates, but at the same time can cause a bit of stress if you choose the wrong person, take your time, go on your gut feeling, there is always more people out there than you think

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    Usually your college will have a facebook group, so you could ask around on there.

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    Post in a public place, whether it be craigslist, or an outlet through your university and find roommates that way. Meet up with someone who's interested and get to know them. Find out whether you guys live similar lifestyles or have similar hobbies so they'll be easy to live with. You'll have a roomie just like you wanted and you'll make a friend, as well. :-)

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    Hey guys thanks for all the suggestions!
    I think I'm going to try the Facebook page and see what I can find

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