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    So it is almost pay day and I feel like doing some online shopping.

    My List-
    Sippy cup

    Now not sure yet what type of product/brand of stuff I want to get.

    For the Pacifier i want to get one of those adult sized ones as the baby ones hurt my teeth and wonder if the adult sized ones would be possible

    Sippy cup-I like bottles but...scaling one up for adult use just does not seem right in my head in size weight and functionality i guess. sippy cup would just make more sense while remaining childish

    Share what you are looking at and try to keep it realistic

    edit-the title sigh

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    nuke 5 earvything they are the best i think
    and goodnights

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    The only thing that I have ever had to modify on a baby bottle is the hole in the nipple. There are sites that do habe adult size bottles.

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    I saw an ad for pacifiers on Baby Pants today, so you might look there and see what they have to offer.

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    The fastflo bottle nipples work really well with no modification.

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