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    Anyone have a good idea of what type a item that a 2o something Male could use as a babybag and not look silly carrying around?

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    You might be able to use something like a gym bag. It should hold what you need it to hold and it's perfectly acceptable if not expected that a 20 something guy would carry around a gym bag. My guess is that people would assume that you are going either too or from the gym.

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    what about carryimg it into stores and the like?

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    What are you looking to use the bag for? Are you talking about carrying a bag of diapers home, or something to take into a bathroom to change? That could make a difference possibly.

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    Just to carry a change in and a small bottle or powder and wipes.

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    A backpack looks pretty normal. Or like Ace said, a gymbag works as well.

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    Yes, a backpack, gym bag, or any sort of bag that you'd see a man walking around with. A backpack would probably be your best bet.

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    I use my backpack. laptop in one part and diaper and powder in the other part. its a swiss army brand bag, huge compartments.

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    I use one of those over the shoulder brief case bags / lap top bags. Works perfectly!

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