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Thread: Hi, I'm Pat

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    Default Hi, I'm Pat

    Hello my name is Pat and I am from Fort Wayne, IN. I am 22 and go to college here. I am an adult baby and am very interested in meeting others with the same interests as mine. I am very open-minded and am looking to meet others that are the same. I hope I can make some new friends and learn something about others interests on here. [Removed]
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    Welcome Pat. Hope you have fun here. I'm also hoping to meet people, but i don't think we would, since i live a tad bit away from you lol

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    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am new to AB/DL networking cites, and am interested in talking with more people like me from my area of the country. Sometimes it gets hard when you feel as if you are the only one around feeling the way that you do.

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    Yea, until you find a nice place like this, it can get lonesome without anybody to share this side of you.

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    I agree. I have always had the feelings I have had towards diapers since I was growing up and was always very confused and thought it to be abnormal throughout my adolescence. Thankfully the enormous amount of info on the internet would lead me to alternative revelations about the subject, realizing just how many others there were out there that had similar interests as me. I really wish to understand the true scope of AB/DL's throughout my country and throughout the world.

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    There are more of us than anyone will ever know, you certainly are not alone.

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    Hi Pat an Welcome to the community. I am in Michigan.You most certainly are not alone.

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    That is always good to hear. So what kind of things do you like to do in diapers?

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    I do the same stuff i do without a diaper on, watch tv, play video games, normal stuff.

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    And thanks for the welcome kennyrallen. Its nice to know that I am not alone. Glad there are places such as this we can discuss issues that pertain to our mutual interests.

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    Is diaper wearing more of a hobby or lifestyle for you?-Hopefull

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