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Thread: Sleeping with others?

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    Default Sleeping with others?

    So.. I'm up.. At 6 A.M. And I haven't been to bed yet and I had a thought and a question I would like answered.

    But first let me explain the situation.

    See when I was little my mother would always sleep with me in the crib just to get away from my abusive father, and then carried over to sleeping in the same bed as my mother and father so my dad wouldn't do anything (it eventually didn't matter because he started abusing me instead of her.)

    See I have always had an extremely hard time sleeping... But see for the last 4 years, my bandmates and I would sleep in the same room together on the weekends and I never have a problem sleeping. (School days or weekdays I stayed up until 4 before eventually passing out)

    Just recently I had an experience with my friend in Indiana, where I got to play baby with her caring for me for a week In a hotel room, and sleeping next to her, I slept just fine..

    So basically what I want to ask is, do any of you have the same sleep problems or feel you sleep better with company?

    I personally think the way I grew up contributes to it, but I want to hear what others say.

    If there is any AB thing that makes sleeping with another almost necessary (I doubt it but its what I want to find out)

    Anyway, thank you ahead of time for responses.


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    for me its not so much as an ab thing its more like a comfort thing i guess you could relate it to A.B but i think alot of people generally prefer sleeping next to another person as opposed to sleeping alone. i know i have real difficulty sleeping (almost insomnia) when i sleep alone and i'd say that its a more common problem then you think.

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    If I sleep with someone in the same bed, so normally is my lovefriend (not GF, OK?) But mostly I sleep alone, because my life is a lot of move from city A to city B, later C etc... So no any relationship. Only sometimes a few hot days/nights of love.
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    As long as I can sleep, i.e. not sleeping next to a one that tends to snore a lot... - I'm mean, right? ;) - of course I like it a lot and tend to sleep better and feel better in the morning.

    Nah honestly, I don't mind a bit of snoring and having someone next to you is like having a second blanket. As long as the other person doesn't mind being used as one ^_-.

    At least in my case I don't think it's based on any AB feelings... perhaps a little, since I loved this since my childhood, so also sleeping at another place with some friends, having a slumber party, etc.

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    When I was in my teens, particularly when I was 15, there were times I would make one of my parents sleep in my room with me because of anxiety issues. When I was a small child they would let me in their bed if I'd had a bad dream. I've also slept with a TV on to get the feel of having someone in the room with me. I'd love to have someone to cuddle up next to at night.

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    I've got a few years going a few ways and they all have benefits and drawbacks...

    First off...when I was a child...for real...I slept in my own room...never slept with anyone...I was and still am a sleepwalker as well...

    Then right around twenty...I met a gf and she actually introduced me to the ab thing...I then usually slept at her place usually in a crib...sometimes in her room sometimes in another room...

    Then, long story, I fled that scene and moved a few states away...

    Worked and traveled and slept alone...

    Now, I'm with my gf she lives with me and we sleep together every nite...

    So, sleeping alone....
    Don't get woken up from either snoring, getting up to get or take care of something, or woken up because they either get up or goto bed at a different problem cracking out on the computer till 5:00am...don't have to worry about bothering anyone else either...

    Sleeping with someone, nice to feel them next to you at nite and especially when you wake up...and you do feel a bit more secure in numbers...

    As for ab stuff...for me it's a toss up...I'd like to sleep in a crib again...and am still working on mine...although not any progress this week...but, I do enjoy sleeping with someone too..and sleeping two in a crib isn't really practical...


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    I don't like sleeping with another person because I adjust my position a lot. Unless I was about to conk out, I don't think anyone would want to sleep with me. I move in my sleep, apparently kick the other person sometimes, talk, get up and walk, and all sorts of crazy stuff. Sleeping with stuffed animals is much better because they do not care if I move, and they will not disrupt my comfort by moving. You know, I really hate it when other people move when I am trying to sleep because they get all nice and warm and I get comfy and I am about to fall asleep, then bam wide awake again. It is funny because I do that to the other person all the time. /rant over

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    When I was in my teens, particularly when I was 15, there were times I would make one of my parents sleep in my room with me because of anxiety issues. When I was a small child they would let me in their bed if I'd had a bad dream. I've also slept with a TV on to get the feel of having someone in the room with me. I'd love to have someone to cuddle up next to at night.
    See, I personally too have a lot anxiety, and also I've never noticed this but I used to sleep with the television on as well... Maybe it comes down to the fact I have anxiety issues.

    I used to have night terrors when my parents tried to get me to sleep by myself I did forget to include that..

    Hm.. It seems more and more of my problems keep revealing the underlying problem of anxiety...

    Heh maybe even me being an AB has to do with anxiety.

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    I can sleep alone, but find it quite hard to do. If I am sleeping alone I need a plushie and even then it still takes a long time to actually get to sleep, and I need to be really tired for that to happen.

    If I sleep with my boyfriend I can get straight to sleep, no problems at all. I usually sleep a little bit longer and also don't wake up in the middle of the night like I often do if I am alone. He makes me feel a lot safer at night.

    As for people above me mentioning going to sleep with the TV on, I never did that, but always put the radio on, or if that wasn't possible then a fan, just to get rid of the silence.

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    I can sleep anywhere through just about any kind of noise, but I definitely prefer sleeping with someone I can cuddle with. Just the security of knowing my husband is there puts me at ease.

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