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Thread: Peeing in the Bathtub

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    Default Peeing in the Bathtub

    Our members have been asked if they pee in the shower, but how many have tried it in the tub? I did it tonight, but being big on personal hygiene, I put a little water in the tub, did my business, then drained it and refilled it for my bath.

    I also realized that it was my first time completely (or at least mostly, my bladder did refill while bathing) emptying a full bladder on purpose somewhere other than a toilet/port-a-potty/outhouse.(Going in my underwear ON the toilet doesn't count.) It's definitely a good feeling.

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    Well, with my issues I try not to take actual baths. When I was younger my parents would put me in them, but I had, well, both kinds of accidents so much that they eventually stopped.

    I generally shower, and yes, I pee every time, lol.

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    Wet underwear is definitely uncomfortable and gross, in my opinion.

    I haven't been taking baths (excluding yesterday, I hadn't taken one in a whole year), only showers but I do recall peeing in a tub when I was a lot younger. I can faintly remember it heating up the water and me swirling it around to exchange heat. Strange sensation, with the temperature difference. Sort of a pulsing sensation when I moved back and forth in the tub. Then I stood up and rinsed it all off. Baths of even .01% urine are bad lol. By the way, I preferred colder baths back then and I still prefer only barely warm showers.

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    i think there's an icky gross side to it which is inescapable that being said it is a good feeling for me personally *blushes* although i tend to hardly ever do it since i prefer showers over baths.

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    KimbaSharshine, I kinda look forward to the first time you actually try an adult diaper. If you already like stuff like this.. you'd be amazed. =P

    And yeah, I pee anywhere if it doesn't leave too big a mess. Shower, bathtub, sink, in the backyard. It's okay if there are no diapers around.

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    for some of us it can't be helped. I have wet in the shower and tub for years, it is just something that just happens.

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    I remember doing it when I was little and watching the yellow pee going in the water. It usually happened when I was ready to get out of the tub. Now I haven't been in a tub in over 20
    years as I only got a shower. I still have the occasional pee in the shower.

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    Until I was 19 I didn't feel I had 'permission' until I saw an Andrew Dice Clay video where he responded to a heckler with "I bet that guy gets out of the shower to pee". So between then and recently before I started getting diapers I would just do it with the shower running and would go beforehand for baths. Shortly before I commenced my research I began to just release into the tub shortly before getting out. I much prefer baths, showers are too mainstream

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyrallen View Post
    for some of us it can't be helped. I have wet in the shower and tub for years, it is just something that just happens.
    Same here my friend. I pee-pee into the tub uncontrollably while showering.

    Sometimes, while standing, & not having a diaper on, I have "wet the bathroom floor" or "wet my bedroom floor".

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    When I was young I definitely did. But now I never take baths.

    It's really not gross, pee is sterile. You can drink it. It becomes gross when it leaves the body and gets bacteria.

    Regardless I hate the smell of it. I like to use my diaper sometimes, but when I do if the diaper can't hold the smell well enough I need to change right away. Anyway, I digress.

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