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Thread: World of Warcraft

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    Default World of Warcraft

    If anybody here plays World of Warcraft, don't be afraid to shoot me an add ^_^ AbbieB#1745

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    I sorta miss playing wow a little. I got more addicted to the people rather then the game play in the end. So when they all left, I did the same :-/

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    I just started playing again, I'll add you =D A few folks from [DD] started a guild on one of their realms so im starting a fresh toon over there.

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    I play on a myriad of different servers, Horde and Alliance, so if you want specifics, message me.

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    Hey there, I've recently gotten back into WoW (Been playing the majority of the time since vanilla). Im looking for people to play with. I play on the euro servers, message me for more details.



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    I've wanted to play WoW but my computer is too slow and glitchy for most computer games these days. It can't even install it. I tried installing Everquest recently but after 5 hours and not even being at 20% I quit.

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    I quit after I saw the mists beta I use to be addicted but the mists xpac cured me of that addiction stopped cold turkey and I do miss the BC days I miss all night herb farming. But those days are long dead BC days will never return and that makes me a sad druid.

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    started a year before BC died spent majority of play time in WotLK loved playing during that time collected lots of lovely pets( before ever being aware of MoP's pokemon-esque battles since i was a collector of items) and amazing mounts. not to mention decent raiding. then came Cata and aesthetically it was nice but once i hit endgame raiding i was severely disappointed. then when i got diablo 3 i got the MoP beta never got it too work. stopped playing saw MoP raids and absolutely stopped but i do miss my character and his many fancy mounts

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    I used to play but I stopped during Patch 4.3, the whole game got so tiresome. Log on only to do 300 dailies then sit around for 45 minutes while I wait for a dungeon que, or wait around an hour for the raid finder (All just to earn some Valor). Endgame content wasn't as fulfilling to me as it had been, the only fights I enjoyed were in Mogushan Vaults. *Sigh* I miss the old WoW.

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    Oh wow, I actually thought that this thread died off AGES ago.

    I play Horde on Arthas, but I have a few toons on a few other realms. Again, just shoot me an add if anybody wants, AbbieB#1745

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