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Thread: have you ever told anyone

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    Default have you ever told anyone

    have you ever told anyone

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    Nope. Everybody I know is completely in the dark about this portion of my life.

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    No, but I'm starting to wonder if my mother knows. Which isn't terrible as far as people who might learn, she's the only one who might keep it to herself.

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    I've only formally told my GF/mommy. Other than that, I haven't told anyone, but I am almost 100% sure that some other people know.

    When I was younger (17?) my mom discovered a diaper in my bedroom closet and confronted me about it. Then, about a year later, my dad asked me about a pile of pacifiers my mom had found in my room... then theres the fact that my feety pajamas were openly hung up in my closet for the longest while. I would honestly be shocked if more people didn't know about my fetish. I don't exactly hide it very well...


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    Never told anyone and at the moment - don't plan to.

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    Nope. My roommates knows about my plushie because I leave it on my bed but I have said its for stress relief. No plans to reveal more as its really none of their business.

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    I sort of had to let slip to my spouse. I've had a growing enjoyment in 'little-r' stuff (kid movies, stuffed animals, coloring books, arts & crafts, cutesy socks) for a really long time, but when I got my first pacis and started using them while falling asleep ... in bed ... next to him ... LOL.

    It was actually interesting. To me, having a paci doesn't feel any more weird (or 'creepy' or 'wrong') than kicking my feet up while coloring on the floor, but man, it must have crossed some invisible line in his mind. He seems to just literally not "get" it! (not that I blame him)

    I've come to accept that my mom is going to reject me if she ever finds out about my various types of weirdness. And baby, that's just the way it is. Her loss. I won't tell her, but I won't hide who I am, either.

    My brother does know. I said it plain in the course of discussing something else, and he didn't bat an eyelash. He's cool that way.

    More people will probably end up knowing as time goes on. Being a little is integral to me, and I'm not particularly invested in keeping people close by if they don't like who or what I am.

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    My story in short:

    I "told" my parents--okay, actually they found out.
    It landed me in therapy, and three therapists later we both came to tolerate each other.

    Fast forward, I went to college and let my room mate know due to tight quarters. I still feel awkward about having told him--but it was a tough year any way I cut it. At least he was a pretty neutral no issues. He was actually one of the first even slightly "supportive" people I could talk to outside of the world of psychological professionals and family.

    Somewhere in the middle here, I had another BF...I told him, he was neutral. We didn't mesh in other ways, end of story.

    Fast forward forward, I've met the love of my life. I told him about my fetish a few weeks after dating to "weed" him out, but he's stuck around. We've been together several years and although he isn't an ABDL he loves the "cuteness" of it and enjoys playing part. He is also kinky in some it evens out.

    Anyway, while the people I've told haven't necessarily reacted violently/nast-ily to their awareness of the odder portions of myself, I've not regretted the experiences. Each time I came out to somebody, I was able to improve how I communicated it and how I understood/accepted myself--and in the end, I got lucky and met the one person that accepted me for ALL of who I am. I suppose if you try enough, you stand a chance to get lucky eventually.

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    I actually told my mum,well I kind of let her see I was wearing a nappy as it poked over the top if my shorts. I just felt I needed to tell her having been in nappies on and off since childhood.
    It was the best thing I ever did, honestly. I loved the fact she knew I was in nappies though she did try to talk me out of them from time to time.
    My mother passed away four years ago and though I dearly miss her I also miss going round to her house for a coffee and a chat.
    I have since then told my wife and at the start was fairly supportive even coming with me to purchase some pull-ups on one occasion.
    Her attitude has now changed dramatically saying she has issues with me wearing around the house, even though I do try to be discrete. I suppose I have to respect her opinion but I really am missing the freedom of being able to wear a nappy when I wished.

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