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    Question Find it Easier?

    Does anybody else find it easier to go in a nappy?

    Personally, when I need a number 2 and I use the toilet, I always have messy marks in my panties afterwards. And I wipe A LOT, so it's not that. It's as if not all the number 2 came out.

    But, when I put a nappy on and use that to go number 2, and I put panties on later - there are no marks in my panties.

    Whenever I get the urge to go, and I'm not in a nappy, I always want to put one on and try to find a way to get one on. I hate using the toilet. Can anybody think of a reason for this?

    Does anybody else find it easier to go in a nappy?

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    I have only ever tried #2 in a nappy once it was not pleasant cleaning up afterwards far worse than if I just kept wiping

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    I posted something a long this line yesterday. ( An odd question about going #2) How I found it easier going in a diaper than setting on the toilet. It might be that we are more relaxed in a diaper.

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    Doing number 2# in your diaper is good when you have a runny poop or your viscosity of your poop is in between a rock to a soft poop. Your diet and food intake plays an important role too, it helps the smells of your poop. Honestly I would do it only at home or some place that has the convenience of cleaning up. Otherwise it will be no no.

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    I like the convenience, and I have no problem defecating in my diaper. I really have trouble holding it and will have accidents if I don't find a toilet soon. I hate the clean up though.... So I prefer the toilet or at least mine. I hate public restrooms. I wish he were more user friendly for adults with diapers for changing and clean up. I would defiantly use my diaper more for defecating.

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    I have problems pooping in a diaper, I can do it if it's soft enough. I suppose if I changed my diet and took castor oil or something or ate organics everyday it would be very soft and easier to do. Plus I am not fond of the mess and I find it wasting a diaper. I am so glad to not be bowel incontinent. I would hate to clean up in a public restroom, no butt washers. I wonder how bowel incontinent people do it. I suppose it takes them a long time to clean up and they use tons of toilet paper and wipes and they need tons of tubs of wipes.

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