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Thread: The Royal Baby... who CARES?

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    Default The Royal Baby... who CARES?

    I have to ask something to my fellow ADISCers; What do you think of the whole Royal Baby hoopla that even has captivated the American lame-stream media? I myself do not care if the baby even turns out to be a reptilian (joke in reference to David Icke and his batshit theories...) or whatever.

    Why are people so worked up about this? I for one refused to be sucked into the whole thing. CNN's website is plastered with things about the baby and so is Faux News.

    WHO CARES? America fought the Brits and won; we have our independence so why the hell do we care about the damn Royal Baby. I don't... I'm just sick of the media's obsession with celebrity and popular culture and not paying attention to real news.

    I mean REAL news like the Bradley Manning trail even though I do believe Manning is a traitor- the scandals plaguing Obama and the other important issues of the day. It seems the American media wants to do it the easy way, focus on celebrities.

    Are Americans really that stupid?


    And no, I'm not jealous of a Royal Baby, just tired of hearing about it at every hour on every damn American news network.

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    I'm a brit and was fed up the moment it was announced, I know what to expect and thus avoiding the media now I've herd she's gone into labour. Every channel over here is full of it, there's going to be dedicated shows about it, none stop chatter as though nothing else matters or exists. I feel sorry you guys over the pond are also getting smothered with it. But please send some pity over here as we have to live and breath amongst it all.

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    No problem! I sometimes forget that there might be those on the other side of the pond who might not like it either! but you have my sympathies, I'm certain it has to be quite worse for you guys!

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    Oh lol I understand now, I thought I missed a news story then due to the baby lol, I have to work with a conspiracy theorist so I know what it's like :-)

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    I do feel for you guys... If it were here in the States and something was going on like that I'd be watching my DVDs and or playing on my Xbox 360 rather than following the story. Kinda do my own protest!! LOL. I remember when the Michael Jackson funeral went on I just ignored it and slept through it all since at the time I was working the night shift... but still it was annoying as the news was covering the death of a celebrity as if it was a major league news story.

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    I could hardly care less either way as the news outlets I read, listen and watch don't cover it all that much. And if things start getting bad, well, speaking French gives you such a great out for when you are feed-up of the royals

    I am mildly curious to know if its a boy or a girl, as a girl being born has potentially interesting legal consequences. But otherwise, meh. The royal family is celebrity news by now and I generally don't care for tabloid "journalism".

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    From a Canadian perspective, the Queen is our head of state. It's nothing more than a ceremonial position and she has never really had that much to do with Canada. There's a growing sentiment to sever our ties from the monarchy since it is no longer relevant.

    As for the royal pregnancy, I agree with most other people here that there are certainly more newsworthy stories to occupy our attention.

    I woke up at 5:00a.m. this morning with the first news story of the day was telling me that Kate's gone into labour as of this was the most important news happening in the last year. . I REALLY DON'T CARE!!! What a way to start the morning. Just get on with it and leave us alone.

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    Yeah I remember the funeral lol I think at that time I was playing GTA 4.5 or something lol, like last year with the royal wedding I was on battlefield 3 lol

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    Near, what do you mean by legal issues? It will be next in line boy or girl won't matter as the law has changed.

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    I will say, in reply to the title, that without a doubt a lot of people care. News channels chase ratings. They wouldn't cover a story to death unless a whole lot of people cared and where willing to tune in.

    Quote Originally Posted by babyboyuk View Post
    Near, what do you mean by legal issues? It will be next in line boy or girl won't matter as the law has changed.
    Most Commonwealth countries have not ratified this change yet. What happens if they haven't ratified it in time: does the old male first principle still apply everywhere, does the new British law win out or does the crown split?

    Canada has ratified the change, however it is being challenged in court (by anti-monarchists) under the premise that such change requires a constitutional amendment, which would be very hard to pass politically. This means that if the first royal baby is a girl and the second is a boy Canada and Great Britain might have a different monarchs in a few decades.

    Or, it might rekindle the monarchy debate in Canada and lead the country to severe ties to the crown.

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