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Thread: Is suicide a part of God's Plan For Us?

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    Default Is suicide a part of God's Plan For Us?

    I've heard it said that our lives are only to be lived until our purpose is carried out and that's been a comfort in times of fearing a premature death. How about when someone feels they've accomplished all they ever were going to and can see no future opportunities to be of service and only become a burden to others that increases as time goes on? What if 'the miracle' already happened and there is nothing conceivable to look forward to?

    I understand God is the ultimate decider of how many breaths each living thing gets. The existential crisis has passed, pro tempore, but I'm curious about others' thoughts on it

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    I have wondered this so many times. My question is when people tell me that "God is just testing me/you/whoever," why does God decide to make someone's life harder or worse? Often times the person commits suicide. Why would God do that? Why would any higher being do such a thing to people? Why would a 13 year old named Seth Walsh end his life because God wanted to test his faith by making him gay? I don't understand.

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    Or to reword the question, how can I have Jesus "in my heart" so to speak, and still think about killing myself? Those aren't supposed to go together.

    If you are a Christian, and commit suicide, aren't you just early? But surely God knew that was going to happen. Right?

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    One can't know if there is no more meaningful things left in their life, as life has a way of taking some interesting twists and turns. At age 60, I started writing a novel. I just finished it, and I'm excited about that. I hope it gets discovered and goes big, but even if it doesn't, I have something to leave to my family and friends.

    It doesn't make sense to commit suicide just because one is gay. Everyone has challenges in life, but I'm a strong believer that there are reasons to those challenges. I wouldn't be surprised if it prepares us for our next reality after death. Unless one is in terrible pain, with death hanging around the corner, going on keeps the door open to discovering something new, something that may bring meaning, relevance, or enjoyment.

    When I lost my full time job 13 years ago, I had a suicide plan. I'm glad I didn't execute it, because my life has changed in so many ways since then. I've also used my life to help others, to have a meaningful influence with others, especially children in my school job. Life is a journey, and the road diverges many times. We should give it a chance.

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    i tend to see life as a path; my path, your path, everyone has a path they are metaphorically walking.... each path being a little different from all the others.
    i also see death as coming when it comes, much like everything else on the path. there is a quote that i like from an old play; Shakespeare if google is correct (i am not a big reader of such things).
    "Cowards die many times before their deaths;
    The valiant never taste of death but once.
    Of all the wonders that I yet have heard.
    It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
    Seeing that death, a necessary end,
    Will come when it will come."

    above is the complete quote (however i have till now only heard the short-form). being close to DogBoys age, i too have made contingency plans encase i get stuck between a rock and a hard-spot. i am very use to such plans as we even had them when i was on the boats (subs). we had large steel boxes of HE welded to the bottom inside of our hull in special places. and we practiced to detonate these charges if we got caught in the wrong place and couldn't get out (the navy didn't call it suicide).

    however, given all of this experience and the things i have seen in my life... i neither fear death nor life. i must have one if i am to have the other.

    being a person of faith, i don't think that god tests me (or anyone else). but, and again i am specking metaphorically... i do see life as a test. one that i will succeed at until one day, i fail. a failure that may take may different forms. a simple dumb mistake i make driving my car. or the choices i have made in the foods i have eaten over the years. or maybe even something as simple as an long ago random over exposure to neutron streaming from a weapon.... or maybe one day i will lose-it and i won't be able to see a reason to wait for the sun to come up tomorrow morning.

    it doesn't matter, because until it's over i will live my life to as much of an extent as my will, my health and my finances permit me (each one having it's own limit).

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    I am NOT religious at any rate and thus do NOT believe in ANY GOD(s) or similar concepts.

    Just as well, I don't believe in any sort of "Masterplan" or "Destiny"

    So NO - You don't live just until you have fulfilled that purpose.

    And SUICIDE is usually bad.
    Why? I believe though that it is your OWN LIFE and you can do with it as it may please you.
    However many of our actions have an IMPACT on Others.
    By committing suicide you will put a lot of grieve and troubles unto your loved ones, friends, etc...
    And thus in *most* cases is a rather selfish act.
    One that I frown upon, as I have witnessed it myself a few times, what a long lasting negative effect it has on the people you leave willingly behind.

    To me it's an entirely different situation when for example you get diagnosed with Terminal whatever and simply don't feel like playing this out in a hospital-environment...
    To myself it would be also something I would seriously think about if I'd by accident would suffer from quadriplegia - or any other disability / etc. that would leave me basically completely (almost) unable to do anything on my own. As to me, my sense of what life is about would have been reduced to nothingness.

    Again, I don't believe in god(s) or any destiny stuff... neither do I believe in an afterlife of any kind or in karma that follows you into your next life (well I don't believe in rebirth either).
    So to me, you have ONE life and it's NOW. throw it out of the window and that's it... You are free to do so - it's your life. But you should carefully weigh the consequences it can have on the people around you - in this everyone is responsible to a degree.
    Also I believe anyone has the right to decide when to end their own life for whatever reason one deems fit.
    After all we do not "own" anything but our own lives.

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    As I don't believe in god in the christian sense, I'd say no, as there is no plan. Because, what kind of loving god would allow one of his children to end their life? What does someone killing themselves actually achieve? Nothing. Suicide is the leading cause of death for young men in the UK, and if that's supposed to be part of his plan, then god is sick, sadistic, evil piece of fucking shit.
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    I am not religious so I don't believe in god's plan or destiny. I do however think that there's a good possibility that this is our only life and you can do with it what you want. No matter what your beliefs, you can look at life in a wide variety of ways. On one hand a person can say "Wow, this is the only life I'll have, I'll try and make the most of it." Another person can say, "This life doesn't have anything for me." Whatever that person thinks should be treated with respect since it is their life and they have to live it. I think there are many reasons for a person to commit suicide. The person has passed the threshold of their pain limit, the person sees no point of living anymore, ect. Whether other people find this reason to be good enough says more about the person making the judgment than it does about the person who committed suicide. I do not like the assertion that a person who has committed suicide is selfish. Why? Because ending your own life causes people to grieve? "Think about the family!" What if the family has made the person feel like their life was not worth living through abuse or any other method? Should the person who committed suicide have thought about them then? Was it selfish? I think that looking at the act of committing suicide as a final judgment of their character and be labelled for being selfish by committing suicide for whatever the reason is an awfully cruel thing to do. (I understand you said *most* of the time, I'm not directing this necessarily at the poster who mentioned it was mostly selfish, merely a point that needs to be addressed) It also tends to ignore the living conditions of the person in the first place.
    I would like to think that a person who is living in a hospital with severe pain with no end in sight would not be labelled as selfish for considering ending their life rather than live what may seem to be the rest of their life in pain. The same should be held true for a person going through psychological pain, even if you can't see it. If you tell a person that it is selfish that they would do such a thing, would you really feel comfortable in pressuring a person to put themselves through that? Is using moral ammunition to guilt people into pushing themselves through pain not incredibly selfish? Doesn't blaming a person for committing suicide show a complete lack of regard for a fellow human being whose suffering obviously doesn't mean as much to you as the people living through their suicide? I would never want a person telling me how I should live my life. If you do, then why don't you live it for me? I feel the same is true for how a person dies. I understand there are differing view points on this subject but something that seems to be lacking to me is any sense of empathy on the part of the person who commits suicide. No one will figure out how to help people who feel like they are in too much pain if we paint them with a demonizing brush just for considering suicide and this is something that I think we all see people do very frequently. (can only speak for myself)

    EDIT: Sorry, I digressed. The point is, I think that society does a terrible job of dealing with suicide and these are my thoughts on the subject.
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    The only thing that popped up in my head on this subject:

    I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours
    But I think that God's got a sick sense of humor
    And when I die I expect to find Him laughing

    (Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumours)

    If there is a god, the above applies, if there isn't, it's all up to you....


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    "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven."

    Even from a religious point of view... I don't think that God has a plan for everyone on this planet. If this would be the case we could also gladly go back to medievil times, where things have been expected of you. Much more if you had any kind of little power.
    I mean... that would be scary. so taking this religious... I'd say if there is something "more", or a God, perhaps s/he has a master plan for humanity itself. Some state, that we should accomplish somehow, over time. But only as a goal that we have to find ourselves, to progress on our own way. And so God may only offer advice... or be a guide.

    That's why I quoted Milton above, since it's up to you to have your own plan, to live your life how you want to, accomplish the things you want to. So no matter if there is something more or not, it's all up to you to decide what's wrong and what's the right thing to do for yourself and it's your choice if you experience this world like a living hell or a place of wonderful and astonishing joys.... and this decision has an influence for other people too.
    We're no apex predators or lonely living hermits.... of course we can be to some degree, since we vary in our personality, but even than you seek some kind of social interacting.... So we're social creatures, and because of that I really think it's important to look out for the people around you and help them if they're in a state of denial of life and don't know how to progress.... And anyway help them as much as you're able to. Of course considering if you're in the mental and physical (partly) shape to do so.
    That would be my interpretation of a "plan", if there exists any at all. If not than it's anyway up to us to make the best out of the time we got and the people around us.

    Furthermore... considering suicide. Basically I think it's horribly wrong to say that it's some kind of being a coward and being afraid of life... or the consequences. It takes guts to do this. And I can relate, since humanity (mind you, not the world) can be f*cked up sometimes. However, in the end it's still the wrong decision. Partly I'd say it's the fault of the people around this person, though way too often close one's don't know anything, since the main person is emotionally too closed and if it's her/his decision... you can't change that ultimately - preventing it perhaps, but not change the decision that has been made, probably a long time ago.
    I can only say it's wrong in the first place to let it come to such thoughts... if you're stuck, do something different. Being a bit selfish until you're in a good shape again cannot hurt too & if you're basically in the wrong place: No reason to stay is a good reason to go - literally, so moving to another city, country, perhaps world someday, but to quit is wrong, period.

    My thoughts on this... ;)

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