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    My Question is why is it easier for me to go poop standing up with a whole lot stress and strain then setting on the toilet? Could something be getting compacted when I am setting down?

    I had my colon checked about two months ago. Only one polyp found none cancer. But that was with an empty colon and air being blown into it and me lying down, not setting.

    As any one else had this happen?

    I will bring it up with my Doctor the next time I see him. He all ready knows I use diapers.

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    I am by far no expert, but my first thought is maybe you're more relaxed with a diaper on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    I am by far no expert, but my first thought is maybe you're more relaxed with a diaper on?

    I forgot to add that most potty accidents I have had in this re-guard have happened while I was standing. OK going in a diaper but not in my underwear.

    You may be right I don't have to worry if I'm going to make to the toilet in time.
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    Hi kennyrallen, I'm JD and I am medically fecal incontinent and with a defecation disorder.

    Defecating in the sitting position, as is common in many western cultures is not the best posture for the muscles in the rectum and sphincter to work effectively. Squatting is more effective. Doctors advise many people with defecation disorders to use a squatting posture or achieve something similar through the use of Wells Steps, etc. It is possible that for you the standing position straightens out your colon to allow you to more easily defecate. Ask your doctor about that.


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    I never have experienced a bowel movement in a diaper *well aside from when I was little lol* so I can't really help you here but I will say it might just be something as simple as you are just more relaxed with a diaper on.

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    For me the easiest poo position is standing up, feet slightly spread apart. My second easiest position is sitting (especially in my car!) I love driving and filling the seat of my diaper at the same time.

    The hardest position for me is laying down. I don't sleep in diapers (sure wish I could!). I normally wear men's bikini briefs. Every morning for the last month or so I have been letting out a little poo before I get out of bed. Nothing to make a big mess, but something to give me that "naughty boy" feeling between my cheeks. Seems like I have to work extra hard to make it happen when laying down.

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    just like the toilets in Japan are built for squatting. When you go and get a colon cleaning, they usually give you a stool of some kind to lift your legs so you can be in more of a squatting position when emptying. I also find it pretty difficult when I go #2 on the loo. It could also be the type of food that you eat that also contributes to difficulty of defecating.

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