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    Well I have a new girlfriend now. She is awesome. She totally accepts me. She lets me suck on my pacifier around her and she even bottle feeds me and even changes my diaper. I'm so freakin happy!

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    aww that's great congrat let there be many happy times to come.

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    if she is a new girlfriend, how did you end up telling her so soon? That souns way awesome, congrats man.

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    (Leaving forum to go cry right now...jealousy overload...)

    But dude congrats man. I think if all works out in normal life as well as AB life, she's a keeper. Me, I'm just waiting for the day I find someone who will accept my habits and quirks. Again, congrats.

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    Congrats welcome to the club!

    My partner accepted me too and now, he even uses dummies, diapers and I think is curious about my baby bottles too.

    I hope you have a lot of fun and remember, to look after her, keep her and most importantly, remember to reward her, for being so nice to you and treating you the way you want to be treated


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    Sounds very awesome mine knows about it but doesn't want any parts of it, but she is a great person

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